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Focus on Liverpool – Bryan Adams, Founder and CEO of Ph.Creative

Tom Holmes

Founder & Chairman


Following our recent feature City Brand Leaders – Liverpool, we interviewed a select group of leaders from Liverpool’s top agencies to help focus on the Liverpool brand and consider their own agency vision.

Creativebrief Founder & Chairman Tom Holmes talks to Bryan Adams, Founder and CEO of Ph.Creative.

Bryan Adams, Ph.Creative

TH: Bryan, what does the Liverpool brand stand for? 

BA: I think until recently this has been a little vague, however the leadership seems to be as strong as ever and we’ve clearly set our stall out as an entrepreneurial Daring, Caring and sharing international city.

TH: How can a mayor influence the way the city markets itself?

BA: Yes. It’s imperative Liverpool keeps momentum rolling and with one, strong, clear voice representing us and supporting the new ‘Marketing Liverpool’ plan, we can continue to evolve the our city’s brand perception and continue to grow the local economy.

TH: If you were responsible for marketing Liverpool globally, what would you focus on? 

BA: Producing young talent for skilled jobs and more entrepreneurs.  I would focus on supporting key  sectors such as creative and digital, renewable energy/Green and tourism by encouraging more private investment.

I would also like to see a ‘buy local’ culture develop in Liverpool too.

TH: How does being based in Liverpool influence your creative output?

Liverpool is an inspiring, friendly city that seems to have been continually punching above its weight of late – there’s a lesson in their somewhere.

Bryan Adams, Ph.Creative

In general, the attitude amongst the business community is positive and inclusive yet competitive which is conducive to healthy continual improvement for us all. The music scenes and arts & culture is also an ever present reminder that if you dare to think differently you can produce bigger and better results.

TH: Why should clients consider sourcing work from Liverpool agencies? 

BA: Liverpool agencies have upped their game over the last 5 years to a point now where we’re every inch as creative and capable as any London agency. I would say our friendly, down to earth customer service shines through and of course we’re typically cheaper too…all for the sake of a 2hr 10min train journey.

TH: What makes your agency offer different? 

BA: We’re confident enough to predict hard noised business results and then we strive to achieve them. We have a very balanced approach to brand experience (top class design) and return on investment. We also stay ahead of the curve with technology and digital strategy which directly benefits our clients and partners.

TH: What local brands do you most admire and why? 

BA: Bibby Line Group – they’re a monster that keeps on growing and giving back. JMU adds so much value to the business community and is a credit to our city. Matalan are also a fantastic success story and they’ve stayed local which is always nice to see. 

TH: Which local marketers have inspired you? 

BA: Google’ Dave, sitting opposite me as I write this – he keeps me on my toes and continually surprises me with his strategic insights and approach to digital marketing. We’re a good team.   

TH: What business would you most like to win?

BA: I would like to be a lead consulting agency for ‘Marketing Liverpool’. I would take so much pride in working directly towards promoting our city. I would also like to work with Virgin –  I think they would be a fun team to work alongside. 

TH: Thanks Bryan!

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