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Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE


Organix - Punk'd - FutureBrand

The snack food with attitude

Disciplines: Brand strategy, Branding / design, Innovation/NPD/Service Design

Sector: Food & Drink

Agency: FutureBrand

BITE Insights

Over the New Year, Public Health England launched a campaign to encourage parents to look for healthier snacks for their children. For parents however, it can be tricky to find snacks that their children like the look of, and that are nutritious.

The healthy food company Organix worked with FutureBrand to move away from their reputation in the baby food market and into the development of a new snack food range for 5-10 year olds, Punk’d.

The range is designed to be both exciting for kids but also reassuring for parents, providing a healthier option than the traditional junk food offerings for kids. FutureBrand and Organix recognised that when you are younger, all you dream about is being older and trying to be more mature than the world perceives you to be.

This is what they have set out to reflect with Punk’d. It is a snack range for a young, increasingly connected, self-aware and rebellious audience. It is good food, with attitude.

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