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Cards Against Humanity Saves America

Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE


Sometimes, only the most ridiculous ideas can offer any reassurance, especially when faced with a nonsensical individual at the helm of your country. The self-prescribed “party game for horrible people” Cards Against Humanity, renowned for their provocative marketing, has announced their Christmas campaign, a six-part plan entitled Cards Against Humanity Saves America.

Throughout November, 150,000 people paid $15 to Save America, receiving six days of surprises in return. On day one, Cards Against Humanity revealed that they had purchased a plot of vacant land on the US/Mexico border and had retained a law firm to make it “as time consuming and expensive as possible for Trump to build his preposterous wall”.

On day two, came The Good News Podcast and on day three, the company made a pledge to redistribute the $15 paid by each of the 150,000 individuals. Most received nothing while around 10,000 people were given a $15 refund and the poorest individuals, as deduced by a survey, received a check for $1,000.

Whenever Cards Against Humanity does something controversial, they ensure that there is a detailed FAQ page on their website that explains their decision making process, the campaign itself and other less essential bits of information. Controversy, however, remains at the heart of their mission statement. The opening line on the campaign website for instance? “It’s 2017 and our government is being run by a toilet.”

The company admits that, while they are not powerful enough to contest the will of the American government, they can cause a nuisance and prolong the planning process to try and ensure that Trump’s wall may never be built.

Visit Cards Against Humanity Saves America’s website to find out more.

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