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Ferrero Magic Kinder

Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE


Secret Life of Surprises

We brought Kinder in to the digital age with a strategy led social campaign.

Disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Branded content

Sector: Toys & Games

Agency: Secret Life of Surprises, Gramafilm

BITE Insight

There are certain brands, whether food, clothes, shampoo or toys that invoke an unprecedented level of nostalgia. Magic Kinder is one such brand. Who doesn’t remember the excitement at unwrapping their first Kinder egg? Painstakingly assembling the toy within, fiercely comparing yours to your brother’s/friend’s/mum’s?

It was this nostalgia at the heart of the 50-year-old brand that Gramafilm tapped into to create the Secret Life of Surprises. Although kids were the primary audience, the campaign was designed to appeal to both kids today and to the adults who once enjoyed Kinder as a child.

To bring this much loved heritage brand back to life, Gramafilm produced stills and short animations featuring the toys to build an Instagram account that would really stand out on people’s cluttered feeds.

One of the essential beliefs at the heart of the brand is that of encouraging children to play. This campaign allows Kinder toys to explore the world through two seasons on Instagram. Season 1 brought the toys to life in the real world while season 2 created an entirely new universe.

Secret Life of Surprises brought Kinder into the social age and into the lives of the latest, digital-first generation of children.

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