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The Great August Reset Roundup

Steal some of the habits, inspiration and creative methods of the industry's finest

Georgie Moreton

Assistant Editor, BITE


As summer draws to a close and the familiar back-to-school routine of September draws near, there is an opportunity to reflect and reposition before we dive head-first into new projects. 

At BITE this summer was dedicated to sharing the stories, solutions and tangible actions that build creative cultures to inspire and inform curious minds. 

Leaders reflected on how the pandemic has been a catalyst for doing things differently and considered what positive habits to take forward as the world continues to be turbulent economically, politically and socially. 

Bray Leino’s Henry Challender candidly shared: “we need to find ways to stay upright, let alone creative.” Yet, it is in such times that creativity can thrive as “creativity and society are intertwined, disconnect the two and the work becomes irrelevant” adds Michael Dowell, ECD, MSL UK.

For many, summer provided the privilege to take inspiration from a third-space outside of the walls of the office and in being outside at festivals, carnivals and exhibitions. Be it in books, podcasts or substacks, leaders shared the words that inspired them to provide creative fuel for the remainder of the year.

The season may be drawing to a close but the spirit of summer, curiosity and inspiration need not be over. So steal some of the habits and creative methods of the industries finest below and embrace some positive new term energy. 

A taste of our own medicine

Tom Moore, Head of Retail, VMLY&R COMMERCE shares some of the ways that VMLY&R is embracing change to improve the workplace.

Mr. President 5 learnings from 10 years

A lot has changed in the past year, let alone the past 10. As Mr. President celebrates its decennial anniversary the agency shares learnings on resilience and reflects on new ways of working.

How can employers avoid The Great Regret?

Glow London’s Empower Ranger, DDS, explores how employers must accommodate employees and ensure they are happy in their roles to avoid the Great Resignation turning into the Great Regret.

What does a reset mean for the communications industry?

Porter Novelli’s Emma Fenny explores how brands can navigate changing consumer expectations against a backdrop of uncertainty.

Riding the whelm

As summer offers an opportunity to self-reflect, Bray Leino’s Henry Challender shares how he is trying to keep his head above water and shares tips on combating stress during trying times.

“The less we’re together, the more together we try to be.”

Snap London share how they are embracing change, throwing the rule book in the bin and championing human interaction.

“Our culture is and has always been driven by our values”

Born Social’s Charlotte Hamill explains how the agency has adapted to post-pandemic ways of working.

An Analog OS for Creativity

While many look outwardly or to technology to drive innovation, The&Partnership’s Andre Moreira explains why he is going back to basics to find inspiration.

Are creative agencies making the most of The Great Reset?

Natasha Plowman urges creatives to cease the moment and shares how MSL create an environment where creativity can thrive.

Rather than reset, reacquaint this autumn

Following H1 stats that reveal the industry continues to suffer a mounting mental health crisis, NABS CEO Sue Todd shares how some of the most fundamental and basic principles contribute to more mindful and productive cultures. 

Keeping creativity flowing whilst fighting overwhelm

Creativity holds the power to make meaningful change and impact society. In turbulent socio-economic times, Michael Dowell, ECD at MSL UK shares how to keep creative and fight off overwhelm. 

Where are you getting your inspiration from this summer?

We asked a selection of industry leaders and thinkers what they are reading and where they are getting their inspiration from this summer.