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How effective is experiential marketing?

Tim Bourne

Managing Partner


Core experiential marketing activity creates reasons to engage customers in dialogue.

Tim Bourne, Exposure

Summing up the viability  

Defining the longer term viability of experiential marketing is arguably summed up in two questions:

1. Can you prove experiential marketing campaign effectiveness?
2. Does it deliver a commercially viable return on investment?

Measurability is one of experiential marketing’s strengths, however, it certainly can’t be regarded as cheap, particularly if you value experiential marketing in terms of cost per contact.

Campaign effectiveness

Real campaign effectiveness and optimized return on investment can be achieved by focusing on the amplification of experiential marketing initiatives, or put another way, the integration of your engagement based communication.

Experiential marketing is measured in £’s per contact where advertising, relationship marketing, media relations and on-line communication can be measured in pence or fractions of pence.

Amplifying effectiveness

Amplify core experiential activity by harnessing existing PR/ATL/DM/On-line disciplines and costs come down dramatically, offset by shared usage and infinitely wider reach.

Core experiential marketing activity creates reasons to engage customers in dialogue. Integrated through the line delivery supplies the means to do so to every customer (both intimately and vicariously) on a highly cost effective basis.

Measured together, not only is communication highly cost effective, the resultant shifts in purchase and brand recommendation can be enhanced ten fold.

Tim Bourne, Managing Partner - Exposure

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Guest Author

Tim Bourne

Managing Partner, Exposure


Tim is Managing Partner at Exposure.