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Izzy Ashton

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Every Lesson Shapes a Life

Our heartwarming first campaign for the DfE's teacher recruitment business.

Disciplines: Advertising/Creative

Sector: Public Sector

Agency: Every Lesson Shapes a Life, Havas UK

BITE Insight

We can all remember a teacher who inspired us. For me, it was Miss Price. She was my reception class teacher and wore neon pink tights which I remember at age four being a vital detail. Next came an English teacher and later a drum teacher, all individuals who played a seminal role in my education and life.

The formative importance of a teacher is what Havas’ latest campaign for the Department for Education (DfE), Every Lesson Shapes a Life, focuses on. The campaign has been released to coincide with the opening of this year’s teacher training applications.

The focus is on the real, impactful difference a teacher can have on a child, on their capacity to help shape a life. We follow a girl’s journey from her first day at school through each year and subject right up to her final exams.

This narrative approach demonstrates the extent of time and emotion put in by each teacher and the level of guidance and support that they show her throughout the ups and downs of school life.

The supporting cast starred real teachers to capture the emotional importance of the job. The campaign will also run across social, with videos of real people talking about the impact that their teachers had on shaping their lives.

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