Hendrick’s Gin leaves bus stops smelling of roses

The return of the experience-led brands signals the return of immersive marketing

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director


In the wake of the Coronavirus crisis and the ongoing drive to work from home if possible, many consumers may not have found themselves waiting at a bus stop for some time.

But thanks to Hendrick’s Gin, and its creative agency Space, they may find that their bus stop smells of roses and cucumbers, when they return to public transport.

Building on the brand’s iconic Kings Cross Station takeover Hendrick’s is bringing consumers back into its carefully crafted immersive brand world with full-scale takeovers of bus shelters.

Featuring the trademark Hendrick’s Gin visuals that lean on Victorian surrealism the bus shelters feature living roofs made of roses and cucumbers, with a unique scent of roses and cucumbers dispensed through each shelter.

While a doorbell engraved with ‘Press for the Peculiar’ will play old fashioned music when pressed. 

In keeping with the brand’s creative vision intricate secret messages are hidden within the artwork, rewarding those curious enough to look more closely with informative descriptions surrounding the oddities of Hendrick’s Gin, told in the brand’s unmistakable tone of voice. 

Each takeover includes upside-down 3D recreation of the Hendrick’s Gin bottle encased within a 6-sheet panel. The bottle continuously pours real liquid, without ever overflowing, into a glass of Hendricks Gin Cucumber Lemonade. 

Floor vinyls adorned with clouds immerse consumers further into the world, offering an escape from the mundanity of waiting for a bus. Within the creative, both on the floor and back panels of the shelters, is a QR code, encouraging commuters to visit the brand’s Summer-themed landing page providing inspiration, tips, and recipes to make the perfect Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Lemonade.

James Keen, Senior Brand Manager at William Grant & Sons, explains: “The pandemic may have momentarily resigned us to smaller, more conventional lives. As we step out into this new world, we want to delight in new experiences and savour the unexpected. There is no better time for Hendrick’s to encourage and reward innate human curiosity.

Sean Kelly, Associate Director at Space, added: “Hendrick’s Gin injects the mundane with the peculiar through their unique approach to gin making. Through the lens of this unique and highly delectable gin, we’ve turned the daily commute upside-down by transforming bus shelters into portals to another world.”

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