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How BECO. is closing the disability employment gap

While there has been many a discussion had around the gender or ethnic recruitment gap, not much time has been given to exploring the disability employment gap in the UK.

Izzy Ashton

Deputy Editor, BITE



#StealOurStaff is our biggest campaign to date for BECO, the social enterprise that makes environmentally-friendly toiletries with an 80% disabled or disadvantaged workforce. Our work invites businesses to steal BECO's staff and help close the UK’s disability employment gap.

TBWA\London, London





Sara Tate, CEO of TBWA\London and Camilla Marcus-Dew, Co-Founder of BECO. will be speaking at BITE LIVE this year, bringing the Steal Our Staff campaign to life and exploring how they are dismantling the stereotypes around disabled people in the workplace. Tickets now on sale

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