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Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE


Be Ready

Hammerson’s new film gets the nation pumped up for the January sales.

Disciplines: Advertising/Creative

Sector: Retail

Agency: Be Ready, isobel

BITE Insight

January is the month of resolutions, of joining gyms, learning how to play the trumpet or finally clearing out that cupboard under the stairs. And, along with those resolutions, comes the onslaught of sales email after sales email, each one promising more than the last.

It is easy to skim over the sales ads as they all begin to merge into one another. But isobel has worked alongside Hammerson’s Brent Cross shopping centre to create a different kind of ad, one that encourages sale shoppers to Be Ready.

The January sales are something you need to be prepared for. An aimless wander won’t cut it. Just like when you join that gym, you need to have a game plan from the start. Isobel’s slot for Hammerson shows stylish individuals practising various gym exercises from weightlifting to boxing to tyre flipping, all while dressed in their best.

It’s clear that they, like the nation’s shoppers, are getting in shape for the biggest fight of their lives: the January sales.

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