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Izzy Ashton

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BrewDog - isobel

One Million Beers

BrewDog launches campaign to convert 1 million new drinkers

Disciplines: Advertising/Creative

Sector: Alcoholic Drinks

Agency: One Million Beers, isobel

BITE Insight

Buying rounds at the pub is great. It’s democratic (most of the time), fair (sometimes) and tests your school levels of mental arithmetic (every time). But what if the next time you walked into the pub, you were handed a pint for free?

This is the premise at the heart of isobel and BrewDog’s bold new campaign Don’t Believe the Hype that ironically tells customers to make up their own minds and to not believe the advertising. Instead they have created the “world’s biggest ever beer sampling campaign.”

BrewDog has pledged to give away 1 million pints of its signature Punk IPA, thus believing that they will convert a million people into craft beer lovers by the end of the four-week campaign. To redeem the free beer, consumers download a beer token from the company’s website that they can use in one of the brand’s 50 bars around the UK.

The anti-advertising short films show several BrewDog posters being destroyed by various demolition means, from explosives to wrecking balls, an audacious sentiment that carries through across social, digital, press and outdoor.

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