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Getting Your Mojo Back

Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor, BITE


isobel - Getting Your Mojo Back

isobel interviewed founders and C-suite execs from 12 fast-growing challengers including Ben Branson of non-alcoholic spirit alternative Seedlip and Kabuto Noodles’ Crispin Busk, identifing the key unifying characteristics that link to their success. We’ve taken these insights and distilled them into 10 lessons on how brands that are in a bit of a rut can re-ignite growth and get their mojo back.


Christi Tronetti, Marketing Director, isobel

Sarah Sanford, Planning Director, isobel

Key take outs:

  • Having a great product that you really believe in is the most important starting point for any brand.

  • Brands work best with a clear mission that everyone can get behind.

  • Simple messages and customer experiences are the most powerful.

  • Brands thrive when they stay close to their consumer.

  • Consistency is crucial. All touchpoints, from the packaging, to the website, to the communications, should work together.


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    Christi Tronetti, Marketing Director, isobel,

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