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Flat What?

Introducing the Flat White to the McCafé range for McDonald's.

Disciplines: Advertising/Creative

Sector: Food & Drink

Agency: Flat What?, Leo Burnett

BITE Insight

How many times have you walked into a coffee shop, all guns blazing, only to look at the coffee menu and balk at the options? The bearded, glasses-wearing, apron-adorned barista raises their eyebrows at you as you gawp, open mouthed, struggling to get your words out, starting to sweat and all you can muster is, “I just want a coffee.”

This apprehensive feeling is at the heart of McDonald’s latest ad with Leo Burnett, Flat What? Introducing the Flat White to the McCafé range, the ad sees confused customers admitting that they are none the wiser when it comes to what a flat white really is. And neither, it seems, are the baristas.

McDonald’s aim is to poke fun at and democratise the world of coffee, bringing people ‘Great tasting coffee, simple,’ while highlighting the pretentious nature of coffee culture.

The ad concludes with a McDonald’s worker setting the record straight and outlining exactly what a flat white is, much to the customer’s, slightly half-hearted, delight. The TV ad will also be supported on Facebook, OOH and radio.

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