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Like Brands Campaign (Deaf Awareness)

Aldi Like Brands Campaign for Deaf Awareness Week

Disciplines: Integrated marketing

Sector: Retail

Agency: Like Brands Campaign (Deaf Awareness) , McCann Manchester

BITE Insight

Around nine million people in the UK have some sort of hearing problem and around 50,000 people cite British Sign Language as their preferred language. And yet, next to no adverts are subtitled or even use sign language.

For Deaf Awareness Week, which runs from 14th – 20th May, McCann UK worked with Aldi to create a new ad in sign language as part of their Like Brands campaign. The ad features the deaf actor Maisie Sly, who starred in the Oscar winning short film The Silent Child, alongside her mum who is also deaf, discussing the merits of branded vs. Aldi’s fish fingers.

The Aldi ad is part of the first ever ad break to be made entirely in sign language. Seven other brands are taking part in the ITV takeover including Microsoft, Money Supermarket and Nurofen. The signed ad break, which will run during Coronation Street, aims to increase understanding of the challenges people face when living with deafness and hearing loss.

The beauty of the Aldi ad is that it champions inclusivity and lends its support to Deaf Awareness Week, all while maintaining the much-loved, light, cheeky style of the Like Brands campaign.

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