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National University breaks down barriers for returning students

The campaign from Wongdoody recognises how daunting a return to education can be.

Georgie Moreton

Assistant Editor, BITE


Pet wrangler, bill payer, caregiver, night manager, veteran, mum; adulthood sees people take on many different roles. National University’s latest campaign sees the institution encourage people to add ‘student’ to that list.

In a bid to break down the barriers Americans face in accessing higher education, The National University has launched its new national campaign in partnership with Wongdoody, titled “Supporting the Whole You.”

Three separate 30-second TV spots acknowledge the different roles adults take on acknowledging how daunting a return to education can be before asking the question: “What if a school could be there for all of you?” Spotlighting Military students and working mums the spots show that school can be suited to anyone.

The campaign is in line with National University’s updated brand positioning rooted in “whole human education” which is designed to help potential students overcome the fear of ‘going it alone’ by highlighting the University’s supportive ecosystem built on five critical pillars: Financial, Academic, Social & Emotional, Family Life & Community, and Career.

"The proposition of returning to school can be tough for working adults and our research showed students fear having to go it alone. We help them feel like they aren’t alone because at National University, supporting well-being is what ensures student success. We’re excited to bring our unique model of ‘whole human education’ across the country. It’s a tremendous payoff to help more Americans achieve economic mobility while preparing them for the future of work,” said Chief Marketing Officer Carey Hilderbrand.

The campaign for National University will roll out as part of a new brand transformation, along with National University’s newly unveiled logo, refreshed website, and digital ads showcasing diverse experiences that together comprise the face of the modern student. 

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