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Ocean Outdoor and Louise Xin collaborate in fashion media first

The media owner collaborated with the fashion designer to broadcast 2022 Stockholm fashion weeks shows on screens across 6 countries

Georgie Moreton

Assistant Editor, BITE


For fashion lovers and the environmentally conscious around Europe, Ocean Outdoor and Louise Xin collaborated in fashion media first that saw the media owner broadcast the designer’s 2022 Stockholm Fashion Week (SFW) show on large format advertising screens across six European countries.

The out of home broadcast formed part of Xin’s SFW 2022 couture showcase which included a 15 minute fashion show followed by a debate with leading figures from the worlds of fashion, culture, politics and activism about the future of European fashion from a human rights and environmental perspective.

The couture fashion show was entitled, “I have a dream” and opened by addressing the environmental and social impact of fashion with messages and archive footage from human rights and anti-slavery organisation, expersts from Andrew Morgan’s 2015 docu-drama The True Cost and messages from child and forced labour survivors. 

The catwalk show saw models showcase 10 eye-catching gowns, before closing with a dance sequence. The designer sought to express an over-arching hopeful message of unification, collaboration and inspire new beginnings.

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The fashion showcased in the  show was from Xin’s all white 2022 women’s collection which has garments made from a mixture of upcycled, deadstock and new fabrics. One of the dresses is made from fabric gifted by a Uyghur forced labour survivor featuring the traditional Uyghur Atlas pattern.

The 10 minute out of home broadcast took place on Friday, September 2 in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. The film was shown on large format screens in busy retail locations in eight cities including Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Helsinki, London, Oslo and Rotterdam.

“Louise’s label and her humanitarian work addresses two important issues - sustainability and a proposed EU ban on imports from businesses which use forced labour. This is the first time a fashion show has been broadcast simultaneously across multiple outdoor screens, shining a light on two important messages about sustainability and anti-slavery that, as a business, Ocean wants to support and share.” explained Ocean Outdoor Sweden marketing lead Johan Lööf.

“It has been the absolutely most beautiful and powerful experience watching people from so many different fields and industries coming together, collaborating for something bigger than ourselves.” added Louise Xin.

The collaboration is an example of how to create an extended reach, with the designer using media to promote environmentally conscious messaging and make fashion much more accessible to a broader audience. 

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