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The One Off

East Midlands Trains

Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE


Light Bulb Moments

A through the line advertising campaign which aimed to demystify the dark art of train travel.

Disciplines: Advertising/Creative

Sector: Travel/Tourism

Agency: The One Off

BITE Insight

Train travel in the UK is complex, we all know that. It should really be incredibly simple. But where once people donned their best hat and coat to catch the train, today people feel no such pride. Cancellations, the on-peak/off-peak saga and endless changes mean that travelling by train in the UK has become a relatively irritating and at times confusing undertaking.

The One Off’s latest campaign with East Midlands Trains aims to solve this by demystifing the dark art of train travel. Focusing on Light Bulb Moments, the through-the-line campaign uses straightforward messaging and neon typography to convey its message.

The video is clear in its purpose as we follow the beam of light that shows us the tips and tricks we can use to make our journeys by train that little bit simpler. It lets the viewer know what they might be missing out on in terms of offers in a clear and concise way from 2-for-1 tickets for London attractions, to East Midlands’ M Tickets, which you can download straight to your phone up to five minutes before your train leaves.

The campaign’s aim is to deliver a personalised message to each customer at the right time in the right place to ensure that each traveller gets the always-on response they so need and want.

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