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Where are all the PR briefs going?

Why PR agencies need to PR themselves

Monika Zalaite

Business Director


It’s fair to say the marketing industry is in a state of flux. In a congested market traditional channels are being set aside for more exciting possibilities – for the word-of-mouth generators. And that’s where PR comes in.

People want to make an impact that’s a little more imaginative and a lot more creative, and this has led to PR enjoying a return to its pomp. Since 2014, we’ve seen a 220% increase in clients searching for agencies with a PR discipline through Face-to-face with our clients, it’s the same story.

Then there’s the work we all hear and read about. Like it or not, Cannes is arguably the industry’s biggest stage for getting noticed. And when you take a look at the campaigns that have dominated in recent years, PR is never far away. Unless of course, you’re talking about the agencies doing the work.

Take a look at the campaigns that garnered recent acclaim and you’d be forgiven for thinking the creative agencies are taking all the PR briefs.

There’s the Fearless Girl who stood strong against the bull in New York’s Wall Street and generated an estimated $7 million in free marketing.

And Meet Graham, an interactive sculpture promoting road safety that trended on Facebook and Twitter for the whole weekend after his launch and saw 1.2 billion impressions in the first week.

The McWhopper, Marriage Market Takeover for SK-II – the list goes on. And there’s not a PR agency in sight. Yet with each campaign PR can be found in the generation of the idea itself. It’s like there’s never been a finer time for PR – apart from if you’re a PR agency, that is.

I’m not here to spread a message of doom. Instead this is a rallying cry for PR agencies to get themselves noticed.

Recent PRCA census data shows a 34% growth in the discipline whilst PR is a mainstay in our Top 10 most-searched disciplines. The appetite is there.

With brand marketers everywhere salivating over the prospect of a good PR machine, it’s important that you know how to build your agency brand and get noticed.

A key part to building any brand is getting exposure to audiences that may not already be aware of you or cognisant of the value that a PR agency can add. By having your agency listed on a platform like Creativebrief you can get in front of clients when they aren’t specifically searching for you or hearing about you in the press.

What’s more, with us you have the opportunity to wrest your profession back from full-service agencies and exclaim the benefits of a total agency offering when it comes to PR.

The PR industry is enjoying its time in the sun. We can help ensure your agency makes the most of it.


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