Outvertising gives classic ads an inclusive rewrite

The advocacy group for LGBTQIA+ inclusion in advertising and marketing, highlights the importance of inclusive language

Georgie Moreton

Assistant Editor, BITE Creativebrief


It doesn’t take much to use inclusive language but small changes can make a world of difference to people who have historically been stereotyped or ignored altogether. The power to make people feel seen is within the creative industry’s grasp. 

To capitalise on this power and draw attention to the importance of inclusion, Outvertising, the advocacy group for LGBTQIA+ inclusion in advertising and marketing, has launched its biggest campaign to date that sees the organisation rewrite classic ads with LGBTQIA+ inclusive language.

To coincide with the start of LGBT History Month in February, creative agency Across the Pond has helped the organisation create ads that feature rewritten well-known scripts and headlines. Classic ads well known to audiences get an inclusive makeover as the likes of DeBeers ‘Two Months Salary’ poster and Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ spot are transformed. 

The ads will be shown on billboard sites in cities up and down the country, including London, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield, Coventry and Hull with further amplification via digital and social ads amplified by agency ERGS throughout LGBT History Month. 

The campaign seeks to mobilise our industry to create serious change around diverse representation’. “There are so many of us who want to make a difference, but just don’t know how to have a real impact. Joining the Outvertising community is a great start. And what's thrilling, and we hope this shows in the executions, is that this change is in your hands. Just by adapting a few words you can suddenly make the work, and the world, more inclusive.” explained Jim de Zoete (he/him), Executive Creative of Director at Across the Pond.


“Outvertising is an independent voice standing up for queer people in our industry and beyond. To make that voice even louder we’re launching our biggest ever campaign and inviting everyone to join us. Together we can help write the LGBTQIA+ history of tomorrow, using the power and reach of advertising to shape society for the better,” added Marty Davies (they/them), Joint-CEO of Outvertising.

The creative work includes a call to action for LGBTQIA+ ad professionals and allies to join the Outvertising community to further representation within the industry that will in turn lead to more authentic representation of the LGBTQIA+ community in campaigns. 

To learn more about Outvertising please click here.

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