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Rainbow Roads

Kara Melchers

Managing Editor, BITE


Daniel Mercadante, Rainbow Roads
Daniel Mercadante, Rainbow Roads

It’s pride month! In honour of this global LGBT+ celebration we wanted to share another rainbow, this one created by the director and photographer Daniel Mercadante. Alongside his wife Katina, he is one half of the film-making duo The Mercadantes. For his latest project, Rainbow Road, Daniel has strayed away from moving image to capture single, still-life moments.

The images are created using a custom-built rig covered in coloured gels. Mercadantes then runs through each scene, capturing the invisible road on a long exposure photograph.

The coloured highways traverse the rural Connecticut countryside, bringing a Wizard of Oz style magic to the wintery landscapes. The Mercadantes have now taken this colourful project on the road. In Guatemala local kids could choose the photo shoot locations and be captured in the photographs themselves.

In his short films Mercadantes explores natural and man-made objects through simple and basic elements, such as Ball and Colours. The collaged fast-paced edits use a common thread to stitch together familiar imagery, forcing the viewer to see that everything in the world can be/is connected. This playfulness is felt in his latest photography project.

Visit Daniel’s Instagram to see more of his photography.

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