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Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE


Nexto allows travelers to ask questions, play games and unlock virtual souvenirs

Travel is all about the experience. It provides you with a window into another world and a chance to learn about the history and heritage of a place. Gone are the days of the paperback city guide and in its place has appeared the smart phone, glued to the hand of every inquisitive traveller.

Aimed at this new breed of digital traveller is an app called Nexto that gamifies sightseeing, combining the powers of augmented reality with a tourist’s desire to learn. Nexto is a cultural engagement platform app that uses a conversational interface and augmented reality to bring places and characters to life.

When a tourist visits a Nexto-connected spot, they can create their own stories and learn the history of each site through various games and puzzles which in turn allows them to unlock and collect virtual souvenirs.

App users can download the tours to use at any time on either iOS or Android and visitors, as well as site managers, can get in touch to nominate new places to be included on the app.

Although currently only operational across natural and cultural heritage destinations in Slovenia, they are looking to soon be available in Rome, Paris, Prague and Barcelona. Based on power of storytelling, Nexto merges augmented reality with the tourism experience, bringing heritage alive for the digital age.

Visit Nexto's website to find out more.

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