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Google Pixel Buds

Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor, BITE


Google Pixel Buds

Advancements in technology have led to inventions that science fiction writers could only have dreamt of a few decades ago. Technology lets us carry around our entire digital world in our pocket, explore the unchartered depths of the oceans and program our ovens from our cars.

And now Google has added to the advancements with the launch of Pixel Buds, wireless headphones that, as well as reading texts and giving map directions, can be linked with Google Assistant, enabling real-time translation in up to 40 languages.

Once the headphones are paired with the Pixel 2 smartphone, users hold down a button on the right earbud which activates the Assistant to help them speak the language they need. Once enabled, the user can speak in their native language, and their translated speech will play through the phone’s speakers, in real-time. The other-party’s reply will then play through the Pixel buds into your ears.

This technology has the ability to change the way we communicate around the world, as it allows for natural, instant conversation. No more madly flicking through dictionaries or phrase books on pavements; no more awkward waiting while an app desperately attempts to translate at the speed of speech.

The Pixel Buds provide you with a pocket-sized form of Google Translate powered by cloud-based machine learning, enabling you to have a translator by your side, whenever and wherever you need one.

Visit Google's website to find out more.

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