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TikTok celebrates the evolution of entertainment with Ant and Dec

Mother London and Ant & Dec take audiences on a journey through the ages of entertainment, positioning TikTok as the future

Georgie Moreton

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Entertainment is something humans have needed since the beginning of time. As we’ve evolved, how we get our entertainment has too; from fireside storytelling, to Shakespeare, to Saturday Night Takeaway. Now there’s a new era of entertainment. The era of TikTok.

Mother London, London






What constitutes Entertainment has shifted irrevocably over the past few decades. Yet there has also been a great deal of consistency; as reflected by the continued success of TV presenting duo Ant & Dec.

As audiences as eyes flit between platforms and formats; from  TV talent shows, soaps, music videos and social media, Ant & Dec have continuously been at the heart of it all. A consistency which makes them the perfect ambassadors for TikTok’s latest campaign which celebrates the evolution of entertainment. 

The  tongue-in-cheek campaign for TikTok, created by Mother London, sees Ant & Dec, pop-culture main-stays and TikTok stars in their own right, take audiences on a humorous journey of entertainment through the ages. Beginning in prehistoric times, travelling through Ancient Rome and Shakespearean times, the ad takes us right up to the 21st century where we see the duo making a TikTok behind the scenes of their latest show.

With an inherent understanding of what makes great TikTok content, Ant & Dec have amassed 3 million followers and over 21 million likes in the process. But, they are not the only TikTok creators showcased; audiences are also shown a wealth of TikTok entertainment through examples from its creator community featuring the likes of TikTok-born singer-songwriter Cat Burns (@catburnss), superstar magician Magic Singh (@magicsingh), football freestyler Liv Cooke (@livcookefs) and cooking content courtesy of 'CEO of FLAYVAS' Nathan at The Grub Works Kitchen (@thegrubworkskitchen).

The campaign helps to underline TikTok’s positioning as the future of entertainment, showing how the entertainment of today has been democratised by the platform through content created by everyone and anyone. By combining this ethos with the inclusion of TV icons Ant & Dec, the brand aims to solidify itself as the newest, innovative form of British entertainment. 

James Rothwell, Head of Marketing, EMEA at TikTok, explained: "Ant & Dec are the indisputable kings of British entertainment, and we are proud to be working with them on this campaign. Their involvement in helping us to show the evolution of entertainment and storytelling in our latest campaign is testament to the growth of our brand, and our disruption in the entertainment space."

The campaign marks the next phase of TikTok's relationship with Ant & Dec, following a successful partnership on the hit ITV show Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. 

Ant & Dec added: "When TikTok came to us with the idea for this campaign we instantly loved it. The idea of showcasing entertainment throughout the ages was one we couldn’t resist.” They went on to explain that “creating entertaining content has been at the heart of everything we have done and continue to do, from our television shows through to creating content for TikTok and we love any excuse to break open the dressing up box so it was perfect for us!”

The 60-second ad will run on UK TV screens through September, backed by shorter 20-second versions and social media assets, as well as in-app activity on TikTok. 

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