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Victorian Plumbing gives customers the confidence to boss their bathrooms

The feel-good campaign created by Leo Burnett empowers homeowners and showcases the brands sense of humour

Georgie Moreton

Assistant Editor, BITE


Victorian Plumbing is making light-hearted work of bathroom repairs in a new cheeky campaign from Leo Burnett. 

‘Boss Your Bathroom’ is the new brand platform that showcases Victorian Plumbing’s sense of humor as the brand taps into popular culture to help homeowners have the confidence to take ownership of their bathroom repairs. 

The campaign is made up of two films ‘Don Tina’ and ‘Amir a la mode’. In ‘Don Tina’, a bathrobe wearing Tina transforms into a powersuit-wearing Don after bossing her bathroom with the help of Victorian Plumbing, after a click of a button on her tablet. Tina’s Don character takes inspiration from the classic ‘Don’ characters in Italian gangster films and Tina’s wife and daughter are taken aback by her new look, complete with gold chains, slick-back hair and confidence in her bathroom. 

The second film ‘Amir’ transforms to the stereotypical fashion industry boss after doing up his sad-looking ‘bad bathroom’ with Victorian Plumbing. Once his new bathroom is complete, Amir embraces a new look, making his way into work wearing a silver-studded black suit and chunky angular sunglasses. He steals a Pomeranian from the local park and heads into his workplace, surprising his colleagues with his new fashionista persona; bringing to life the feeling of confidence audiences can get by taking their bathroom troubles into their own hands with the help of Victorian Plumbing. 

The two spots have been directed by Ben Whitehouse from production company Stink and take inspiration from popular culture by playing on iconic film moments to convey boss energy.

“Now more than ever, the UK needs moments of lightheartedness and brands that deliver on quality without taking themselves too seriously.” says Joe Pascoe, CMO at Victorian Plumbing, ‘The campaign is rooted in the insight that as the UK’s largest bathroom retailer, Victorian Plumbing has the largest choice and range of items: there are many styles and options for a wide variety of styles and tastes – perfect for the nation to release their inner boss.”

The campaign is the first from Victorian Plumbing since awarding their creative account Leo Burnett in September, the first creative agency the brand has worked with as all previous creative was produced in-house.  In addition to the two films, the campaign spans across out of home and radio. 30-second radio ads send an inspirational call to the nation to boss their bathrooms, while the out of home calls on fans to ‘Get in sync with your sink’ and to ‘Put more power in your shower’ with Victorian Plumbing.

The campaign challenges industry conventions by taking a more lighthearted, fun approach that will likely inspire consumers to take a chance on at home plumbing.

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