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When running a business, attitude trumps experience every time

HeyHuman’s Transformative Growth event spotlighted the challenges business leaders face when it comes to transforming their businesses.

Neil Davidson, HeyHuman

Managing Director & Partner


Every business is faced with two big challenges; change and growth. Naturally, the two are intertwined, and HeyHuman’s most recent Transformative Growth breakfast gave the stage to entrepreneurial leaders who have transformed their businesses from start-ups into more established businesses.

Instead of the usual boasting parade of business successes, the event focused on the ‘warts and all’ tales of the business and personal challenges faced by CEOs and founders. We heard from Pip Murray, Founder and self-designated ‘Chief Squirrel’ at all-natural nut butter brand Pip & Nut, Bloom & Wild CEO and Co-Founder Aron Gelbard, and Sarah Akwisombe, Founder of the No Bull Business School.

Chaired by renowned business journalist Matthew Gwyther, the founders recounted the unusual journeys that brought them to where they are today. Pip had “absolutely no experience of FMCG” before she launched her brand, whilst Aron recalled how his total inexperience in the floristry space meant that he gave himself “all the disadvantages [he] could to start with”.

Sarah, meanwhile, took a similarly untraditional route to founding her online business platform. She’d previously succeeded in a number of careers including a performance artist, running a makeup agency, working in tech start-ups and building a profile as an interior design blogger. 

However, in spite of their respective lack of ‘relevant’ experience, each of the founders were united by the single-mindedness of their business visions. It shows how often the right attitude is more important than the right experience.


Pip Murray, Founder, Pip & Nut

Aron Gelbard, CEO & Co-Founder, Bloom & Wild

Sarah Akwisombe, Founder, No Bull Business School

Neil Davidson, Managing Director, HeyHuman

Guest Author

Neil Davidson, HeyHuman

Managing Director & Partner,


Neil launched HeyHuman in March 2014, taking a step back to think about the future for agencies and new ways of thinking and working. This started out with a belief in 'Human Brands' and an approach focused on behavioural economics and neuroscience. Previously Neil has led, launched and re-positioned agencies in the UK and in Europe, including being a Board member of Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R, Strategic Planning Director of The Farm and Managing Partner of Rapp.

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