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Tweet : Mar 23rd 2018 14:54
RT @WaveStudios: @McDonalds #Monopoly is back! The awesome new spot was directed by Guy Manwaring of @sonny_london with agency @LeoBurnettL
Tweet : Mar 23rd 2018 12:20
Oh, and there's a McDonald's just around the corner. Handy.
Tweet : Mar 23rd 2018 12:18
One week in, and Chancery Lane already feels like home. Lots of new work happening, the coffee machine works, management have a round table like King Arthur, and the real boss – Freda – is comfortably installed in reception with her bowl of apples. WC2, we like you.
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2018 16:37
RT @creativebrief: New #BITETrend The Resurgence of Radio. Radio listening in the UK is at a record high and smart brands are taking advant
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2018 14:08
RT @SumoCreative: Courtesy of @LeoBurnettLDN & @TMSAgency, #McDonaldsMonopoly is back! -
Tweet : Mar 22nd 2018 09:31
RT @LeoBurnett: Read this @campaignmag interview to learn how @LeoBurnettLDN CCO Chaka Sobhani and @McDonaldsUK CMO Alistair Macrow plan to
Tweet : Mar 21st 2018 15:09
Oh, this? It's just Steven Spielberg namechecking our #McDonalds Chicken Legend ad, no biggie...
Tweet : Mar 20th 2018 14:58
RT @ideasfoundation: "Just be yourself 1000%. Trust your gut. Learn, learn, learn, learn, learn. Try and meet incredible people who you can
Tweet : Mar 19th 2018 14:21
We’re in! Leo Burnett London is now officially based at 40 Chancery Lane. Wave if you’re passing - we have many windows ????????????
Tweet : Mar 16th 2018 17:09
Well, we’re all packed up and very excited about our move to Chancery Lane next week. ???????? W14, over and out.
Tweet : Mar 15th 2018 09:09
RT @creativebrief: We're delighted to announce our panel for Creativebrief Explores on Tuesday 24th April as @megfarren from @KFC_UKI, Alex
Tweet : Mar 13th 2018 16:20
The big question of the day: do you pod?
Tweet : Mar 9th 2018 10:26
RT @Cannes_Lions: "Storytelling has to be human-first, not brand first" says Chaka Sobhani. "If it comes from a place of love then that's a
Tweet : Mar 9th 2018 10:24
RT @Kathbum: How do I stay looking SO sharp? I POD, that's how! But you've got to #PODSafely so #ArielUK and I show you the way. @PGUK #ad
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 13:16
RT @The_Dots_UK: This #IWD2018 we asked influential icons to nominate 10 trailblazing women who they believe are redefining the creator lan
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 09:55
RT @shesaysuk: This #IWD2018 we’re taking a stand for the Leading Female Creatives and #InclusionRider in advertising, today and tomorrow.
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 09:53
Breakfast of champions.
Tweet : Mar 7th 2018 20:15
A truly disruptive campaign for the laundry category, we've been working hard on this one. Do you pod?
Tweet : Mar 6th 2018 12:03
"Know when to fight and when to walk away" - some wise and inspiring words here >>>
Tweet : Mar 5th 2018 13:13
RT @LeoBurnett: Samsung and Leo Burnett Worldwide unveil “Human Nature,” channeling the brand’s #DoWhatYouCant philosophy.
Tweet : Mar 4th 2018 14:36
RT @LeoBurnett: Customers figure out just what exactly a flat white is in this humorous spot by @McDonaldsUK and @LeoBurnettLDN https://t.c
Tweet : Mar 1st 2018 09:57
Current status:
Tweet : Mar 1st 2018 09:53
RT @Campaignmag: #AerialAwards radio ad winner: McDonald's 'Beef fairytails' @radiocentre @LeoBurnettLDN #ad https:
Tweet : Feb 28th 2018 15:34
Here's Liam Nicholson and Cameron Black on @LIAawards Creative LIAisons Program >>>
Tweet : Feb 27th 2018 21:09
See, coffee doesn’t have to be complicated. ?????????????
Tweet : Feb 27th 2018 19:28
RT @gluglondon: We're stoked to reveal that for our @Glug x @Cannes_Lions collab on 8/3 we've got yet another speaker to add to the line-up
Tweet : Feb 26th 2018 21:52
RT @LeoBurnett: .@McDonaldsUK and @LeoBurnettLDN celebrate a little bit of the old and the new in this ad commemorating 50 years since the
Tweet : Feb 22nd 2018 15:51
Tweet : Feb 22nd 2018 15:29
RT @creativebrief: New BITE #HotPick @LeoBurnettLDN work with @McDonalds on Flat What? that sees confused customers admitting that they are
Tweet : Feb 22nd 2018 12:31
RT @CampaignMedia: #AerialAwards radio ad winner: McDonald's 'Beef fairytails' @radiocentre @LeoBurnettLDN #ad http

McDonald's  - Big Mac 50
(McDonald's )
Big Mac 50
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac we've created a nostalgic spot for McDonald's.
Feb 20th 2018 17:18:52
McCafé - Flat What?
(McDonald's )
Flat What?
Introducing the Flat White to the McCafé range for McDonald's.
Feb 20th 2018 17:13:08
NSPCC - 'Talk Pants'
'Talk Pants'
Encouraging parents to teach their children about sexual abuse and staying safe in a simple way.
Jan 11th 2018 15:48:16
Special K - 'Powering You'
Special K
'Powering You'
Integrated marketing
Showcasing the nutritional benefits of Special K, helping power women through their day to day lives
Jan 11th 2018 15:01:50
McDonald's  - #ReindeerReady
(McDonald's )
Integrated marketing
Our 2017 festive campaign for McDonald's is asking the nation, 'are you #ReindeerReady?'
Nov 17th 2017 14:23:36

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