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Klondike, Klondike - Space Flavors by The VIA Agency
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Team Refugee, #TeamRefugee - Champions Against All Odds by Grey London
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T.O by Lipton, A revolution in flavour by Tribal Worldwide London
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Hendrick's Gin, Hendrick's Gin World Cucumber Day by Splendid Communications
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British Fencing, British Fencing Rebrand by We Launch
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DFS, Great Brits by krow communications
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Rubicon Spring, ‘Water’s had a Fruity Fling’ by BMB
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DeutscheBike, Corporate citizenship with legs by Studio 2br
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“At British Gas all the marketing team have their own individual access to, BITE and bespoke alerts. This has been a key part of developing an internal culture of creativity.  It has helped us to build knowledge and inspiration around what's happening in the world of marketing, and is an invaluable way to keep track of the industry’s leading agencies”.

Margaret Jobling, Director of Brand Marketing, British Gas

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Christy Towels
Wimbledon Tennis Activation
Activation to promote Christy Towels; the official supplier of the Wimbledon Championships.
26.08.2016 10:58:31
Super Rare
A touching, feel-good ad for HSBC celebrating how little things can make a big difference.…
J. Walter Thompson London (JWT)
25.08.2016 17:38:52
Virgin Media Business
Creative exhibition stand at Business Rocks #BR2016.
25.08.2016 09:34:38
Mr. Adventure
Heathrow want to raise awareness of family-friendly facilities, using the character…
Havas London
24.08.2016 19:48:44
The Crunch
Launching the Crunch
We teamed up with Wahaca founder Tommi Myers to create the first 'planet friendly'…
Third City
24.08.2016 12:41:52
Diesel, BAD
The Diesel BAD Shipping Container UK Tour
Creating a new tour to provide consumers with an opportunity to engage with Diesel…
The Persuaders
24.08.2016 10:11:11
Viktor & Rolf, Flowerbomb
The Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Taxi
We created the bespoke pop-up taxi to fully immerse consumers in the world of Flowerbomb…
The Persuaders
24.08.2016 10:09:25
My Beauty My Say
With #MyBeautyMySay campaign we feature stories of amazing women who stood up for…
Havas helia
23.08.2016 16:08:13
Creator Studio (Link:
The Creator Studio is a mobile-optimised experience, allowing fans to submit t-shirt…
Havas helia
23.08.2016 16:08:04
Putting the person first in old age
To launch Bupa's new approach to aged care we revealed people's hopes and concerns…
Another Word Communications
23.08.2016 14:44:40
Hedrin. No Drama.
A new creative platform and integrated campaign for the UK's no.1 head lice treatment…
Bray Leino
23.08.2016 14:23:39
Becoming world record breakers with Müllerlight Goodies
Launching a new Müllerlight flavour & celebrating Müller’s partnership with Team…
Talk PR
23.08.2016 11:50:47
Great Brits: Game On
A fun Olympic daily series from Rio, with Reggie Yates, Justin Moorhouse and the…
The Moment
23.08.2016 10:26:38
Hewlett Packard
Music Video Challenge #ReinventMusic
Giving fans the opportunity to pen their own lyrics to one of The Vamps’ latest…
22.08.2016 15:24:43
The Challenger Project…
Challenger Brand Profile: Thinx
We interview the co-founder of Thinx, Miki Agrawal
22.08.2016 13:56:07
The Challenger Project…
Challenger Brand Profile: Karma Cola
An interview with the co-founder of Karma Cola, Simon Coley
22.08.2016 13:45:47
The Challenger Project…
Challenger Brand Profile: Vinaya
An interview with the founder of Vinaya, Kate Unsworth
22.08.2016 13:37:24
Hewlett Packard
World's First Unboxing in 360
Demonstrating the power of the HP ZBook Studio G3 with the very first unboxing in…
19.08.2016 17:07:33
Cleanly App
Cleanly are laundry and dry-cleaning service that delivers at the tap of a button.
We Draw Pictures Limited
19.08.2016 15:58:04
ASDA Yarn - Bombing
Yarn - Bombing of Redditch square to promote the launch of the new ASDA store.
19.08.2016 13:33:41
Amazing Teams Tour, London
Roadshow event focused on educating and driving awareness of the Slack platform.
19.08.2016 12:56:07
Stimorol set to be star of the gum aisle with revitalised visual identity
Creation of a new visual identity and portfolio architecture for Europe's No. 1…
19.08.2016 11:44:36
History of Volume
TRESemmé puts the va va voom in history’s most iconic, voluminous styles.
19.08.2016 11:07:12
Hyundai Cars
A different kind of in-car tour - Hyundai Kids Car Tours
What happened when one of our dealers took a different audience through 4 of our…
Gravity Thinking
18.08.2016 13:57:34
Blind dates matched entirely by flavour, tapping into shared passions for food &…
18.08.2016 13:28:23
Hewlett Packard
Zero Gravity Unboxing
Epic unboxing of HP’s Pavilion X2 laptop in zero gravity
18.08.2016 12:07:24
Aldi ‘Brazilian’
Jean wants a Brazilian - our latest TV commercial from the Aldi "We've Gone Totally…
McCann Manchester
18.08.2016 11:02:18
First Direct
Street Warming Party
Viral video advert featuring a surprise street party to welcome a customer to their…
18.08.2016 10:50:34
Hop Craft
Hop Craft Innovation Pilot
Discover a new experience in beer, with freshly infused beer brought to you by Hopcraft.
Quantum Marketing
17.08.2016 18:05:18
Pizza Hut Restaurants
The World's First Playable DJ Pizza Box by Pizza Hut Restaurants
We created a world and music first to boost collection orders at Pizza Hut Restaurants…
17.08.2016 11:17:19
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