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EE, Glastonbury 2016 Powered by EE by HSE Cake
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The Perfume Shop , Father's Day 2016 by Uber
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BBC Sport, Rio Olympics by RKCR/Y&R
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Hendrick's Gin, The Great Phantasmagorical Excursion by Gravity Thinking
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Virgin Media, 9.58 Seconds by Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) London
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Palace Skateboards, Reebok Classics by MPC Creative
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Game of Thrones , The story of betrayal, revenge and a throne... by Aesop
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Pride in Sponsorship
Limited-edition Rio 2016 designs celebrate sponsorship of Olympic Teams from GB…
27.07.2016 18:26:35
Sony Xperia
Xperia X Goes Wild
Getting an up-close look at the beautiful wildlife through the lens of the new Xperia…
HSE Cake
27.07.2016 17:56:43
Orange Sponsors You
Poke turns the spotlight on the fans for EURO 2016 with “Orange Sponsors You”
27.07.2016 17:20:47
EE Broadband Summer of Sport
"Making your summer of sport better" Helping EE customers understand the capabilities…
27.07.2016 16:22:20
Festival of Media Activation
“You can’t bury a question” activation to demonstrate BBC World News’ hard hitting…
27.07.2016 14:06:44
Kozel Truck Pop UP
Our new truck joins the party at Somerset House putting Kozel beer at the heart…
Quantum Marketing
27.07.2016 13:01:25
On The Beach
The Great Big Holiday Splashdown
We flew to sunny Aguamarina Golf Hotel & Apartments in Tenerife to film for the…
Cheetham Bell
27.07.2016 12:44:17
Corporate citizenship with legs
Naming, identity and campaigning for a charity cycling series.
Studio 2br
27.07.2016 11:50:24
British Corner Shop
Paid Social Campaigns
Paid social advertising targeting geographically dispersed ex-patriot audience.
27.07.2016 11:46:41
Pilsner Urquell
Wooden Barrel Events
A series of 77 bespoke events offering consumers the chance to taste the Original…
Quantum Marketing
26.07.2016 17:32:20
The World's Smallest Festival
Amplify helped Hunter Boots + GIPHY create classic festival vibes with live music,…
26.07.2016 17:25:12
Close Brothers
To the small businesses of Britain.
Reassure small businesses that the support they get from Close Brothers would not…
The Gate London
26.07.2016 17:09:24
TyresOnTheDrive's new brand identity makes it feel a breed apart from its traditional…
Cheetham Bell
26.07.2016 15:33:45
British Cycling
Celebrating the inspirational women at the heart of Britain’s biggest cycling programme.
Cogent Elliott
26.07.2016 13:42:11
Plonk App
Innovative social wine app to help wine lovers remember, store and share their favourite…
Five by Five
26.07.2016 09:16:39
School of Olympics
Whitehall learns from the masters of the Olympic Games in a new campaign from BBH…
Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) London
25.07.2016 18:12:07
Klondike - Space Flavors
The best ice cream bar ever conceived
The VIA Agency
25.07.2016 17:51:51
Stonyfield YoKids
Stonyfield YoKids - Dance Moms
No matter how you parent, we can all agree with Stonyfield
The VIA Agency
25.07.2016 17:50:22
Vaseline Lip Therapy
The VIA Agency takes The Healing Power of Vaseline (TM) to the extreme.
The VIA Agency
25.07.2016 17:49:35
Our submission for Sadiq Kahn's 'London Is Open' competition for the creative community.
25.07.2016 15:39:29
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with Rita Ora
Lexis launched new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with Rita Ora opening the Coca-Cola Zero…
25.07.2016 12:54:57
Warner Leisure Hotels
Grown Up Ice-cream
Making the old feel young again, our Warner Ice Cream van made headline news this…
23.07.2016 15:20:32
The First Flight
Heathrow launched its first television campaign ‘First Flight’ to celebrate 70 years…
Havas helia
22.07.2016 17:53:21
The First Flight
Heathrow launched its first television campaign ‘First Flight’ to celebrate 70 years…
Havas London
22.07.2016 17:49:41
Dream Big
Always dare to dream big and have the courage to make those dreams come true.
Gravity Thinking
22.07.2016 16:33:38
Natural History Museum
Colour and Vision: Through the eyes of nature
Our work for NHM represents the ‘big bang’ of colour and vision that evolved thousands…
krow communications
22.07.2016 12:38:41
Sunderland A.F.C.
SAFC Website
Sunderland AFC, first English Premier League club with mobile-first website, launched…
21.07.2016 15:14:15
Visa / Team GB
Team GB Live App
Aqueduct launch Rio 2016 app for Visa & Team GB: the destination for news, schedules…
21.07.2016 13:05:20
William Grant & Sons
2016 Market Report
William Grant & Sons launch the 2016 consumer trends report, with insights identified…
21.07.2016 12:29:14
Sportlife chewing gum
Live The Sportlife in 360° video
Cliff jumps, virgin powder and gnarly runs. Get ready to Live The Sportlife in 360°…
21.07.2016 11:02:06
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