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Dropbox, The Vices and Virtues of Collaboration by The School of Life
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Heathrow, It's a Wonderful Flight - Christmas 2017 by Havas UK
Start searching, Thoughtful Gifts by Mother London
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KFC, Roll Together, Feast Together by Mother London
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Reeves, Show Your Colours by Amplify
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Tesco, Everyone's Welcome by Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) London
Start searching, There's a New Queen in Town by Therapy
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“BITE LIVE is a high caliber event that attracts a wide range of industry leaders looking to cut through the noise and walk away with valuable insight and inspiration for their brand. It highlighted not only what other brands in different sectors are doing incredibly well, but how they're actually doing it and the strategic thinking behind the success stories”.

Pete Markey, Brand Communications and Marketing Director, Aviva

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Audi of America
Parking Lot
The 2017 holiday campaign for Audi of America.
Venables Bell & Partners
17.12.2017 01:46:35
Epic #OreoDunkandWin Challenge
Calfreezy and F2 tackle a typically Wonderfilled Oreo-themed assault course
Gravity Road
15.12.2017 16:25:42
The Design Museum
The Museum That Never Closes
Short film as part of a wider campaign to relaunch the Design Museum
Gravity Road
15.12.2017 16:25:36
You are streaming consciousness #GoBinge
Stream in, and stream out, I love my device, the device is me…
Gravity Road
15.12.2017 16:25:25
Poker Stars
What happens when the World’s Fastest Man and the World’s Funniest Man go head-to-head?
Gravity Road
15.12.2017 16:25:19
News Works
Get Real
Print campaign running across digital out of home, print and digital editions of…
Gravity Road
15.12.2017 16:07:07
In celebration of the people who actively avoid having to deal with trick-or-treaters.…
Gravity Road
15.12.2017 15:24:54
Royal Mail
To stop fraudsters, don't forget to redirect.
M&C Saatchi
15.12.2017 14:02:53
Royal Mail
Let's Beat Identity Fraud
Royal Mail are raising awareness of the growing threat of ID fraud and how to get…
M&C Saatchi
15.12.2017 14:02:07
Hotel brand unveils most high-tech offering yet
Village Hotels launches its most high-tech site yet, featuring Amazon Alexa as a…
15.12.2017 08:48:05
Vaillant UK
Comfort zone
Get into your #comfortzone with the new Vaillant TVC
Saatchi & Saatchi pro
14.12.2017 14:43:52
Logic @ Printworks
Introducing clubbers at The Printworks to the Logic Vape Zone
14.12.2017 13:11:05
Northampton Saints take on Toolstation’s Trade Challenge
Video produced to promote Toolstation through their shirt sponsorship of the premiership…
14.12.2017 11:14:39
Sonos Mural
Amplify + Sonos partner with graffiti artist Roid to create a vibrant mural in east…
14.12.2017 11:05:18
Subway invites workers to dump their boring homemade sandwiches in favour of variety.
McCann London
13.12.2017 16:56:49
In Pursuit of Greatness
This launch film celebrates everything the championship means to people and more.…
McCann London
13.12.2017 16:56:01
L'Oreal Paris
L'Oreal - True Match
L'Oreal changes its tagline to "Because we are all worth it" in a campaign celebrating…
McCann London
13.12.2017 16:55:15
Spare Chair Sunday
Bisto, have teamed up with charity Contact The Elderly to combat Loneliness.
McCann London
13.12.2017 16:53:54
Christmas Carrot
Bringing back last year's diminutive hero Kevin the Carrot and introducing a new…
McCann London
13.12.2017 16:52:40
Kalms Lavendar
1 in 5 people live with anxiety. Kalms Lavender asked us to help them see they’re…
Bray Leino
13.12.2017 15:43:24
Internet Matters
Back to School
How one word could be hiding your child's digital angst as they head back to school
13.12.2017 12:15:31
Virgin Atlantic and…
The Prodigal Brother
A Prodigal Brother returns in our darkly comedic holiday spot for Virgin Atlantic…
12.12.2017 18:00:57
Moove Aviation
Moove Aviation Brand Launch
SWC appointed agency to manage brand launch and continue integrated marketing support.
SWC Partnership
12.12.2017 17:26:29
SOA 2017
Intensive Care Society - SOA 2017
Showcasing emergency medicine and critical care like never before
12.12.2017 11:06:56
Next year is coming. Be ready.
VCCP Partnership
08.12.2017 16:11:26
Launching Microsoft HoloLens and mixed reality in the UK
We devised & executed a targeted media and analyst relations campaign to launch…
3 Monkeys | Zeno
08.12.2017 10:52:18
Give Campaign
Campaign art direction, styling and photography for Converse's Autumn/ Winter collection.
Stereo Creative
07.12.2017 15:27:07
Alzheimer's Society
Christmas isn’t how it used to be
An illustrated DM piece that tells one little boy’s story of dealing with Alzheimer's…
07.12.2017 15:24:52
The Red Bulletin
Raising awareness of The Red Bulletin magazine
Placing The Red Bulletin's interview content in mainstream media to drive sales…
07.12.2017 14:07:07
A digital transformation for specialist UK bank
Equator created a responsive digital experience for Shawbrook, with a focus on added-value…
07.12.2017 09:56:13
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