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Greed is good.
Oppo introduces a miraculous paradox of ice cream: super-food ingredients as indulgent…
Landor London
05.08.2014 10:28:04
East Village E20
Closer Than You Think
Why move all the way out to Stratford, East London? Because at East Village E20,…
Quiet Storm
22.10.2014 13:52:17
Kelly Hoppen
Colourful Lives
We developed a campaign for Kelly Hoppen, who just launched an online shop. The…
Now Advertising
23.10.2014 13:56:22
Can't Wait
We chose to focus on the frenzied excitement of receiving new parcels in this ad…
St Luke's
22.10.2014 20:20:14
Find your sound
We created the first TV ad to launch the iconic Marley brand across Europe, part…
LONDON Advertising
22.10.2014 13:11:20
Mandarin Oriental
He's a fan
Watch our Mandarin Oriental Fan, Morgan Freeman, in this compelling TV ad. We have…
LONDON Advertising
22.10.2014 12:55:36
ABSOLUT Cherrys Launch @ London Cocktails Week
Miss Jones and Co had the pleasure of producing the launch of ABSOLUT's newest flavour…
Miss Jones & Co
22.10.2014 15:12:09
Visit Sweden
A Journey Through Swedish Lapland
We took guests on a sensory journey through Swedish Lapland and to help celebrate…
Miss Jones & Co
22.10.2014 15:02:01
Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque Ball
To celebrate and showcase Perrier-Jouet’s stunning new bring-to-table service,…
Miss Jones & Co
22.10.2014 14:55:05
Perrier-Jouet and Chivas
Searcy's Private Dining Rooms
Miss Jones & Co had the honour of redesigning Searcy’s 38th floor private dining…
Miss Jones & Co
22.10.2014 14:48:04
Seven Seas
Perfect7 Launch
In early Oct Seven Seas launched it's new range, Perfect7, onto the UK market with…
21.10.2014 09:27:55
Fred about the House
Homepride's iconic family-favourite Fred is back. Bigger, friendlier and more dedicated…
McCann London
07.10.2014 16:42:41
Friend Compass
Our Friend Compass brings a new social dimension to typical flight searches, disrupting…
McCann London
10.10.2014 10:13:46
Batchelors Deli Box
Awesome Mums
In this spot for the Deli Box range we celebrated awesome Mums and their incredible…
McCann London
08.10.2014 13:06:07
Following our ‘My Sub My Way’ narrative this spot sees footballer of the moment…
McCann London
08.10.2014 12:54:25
Sony Bravia
To demonstrate the visual prowess of Sony's 4K technology, we set three tonnes of…
McCann London
10.10.2014 10:08:01
Sony Xperia
Gift of Sound and Vision
Set to the David Bowie track ‘Sound & Vision’, we showed the heritage and history…
McCann London
10.10.2014 10:20:53
One Feeds Two
Brand creation and naming
One Feeds Two is a new charity aiming to provide a long-term solution to child hunger,…
The Clearing
21.10.2014 12:00:15
Spooky Speaker
The Spooky Speaker app uses voice distortion technology to transform speech, helping…
21.10.2014 11:03:45
Chivas Regal
The Venture
Chivas Regal has launched a $1 million fund to support social enterprise. The dedicated…
21.10.2014 10:58:12
The Amazing World of…
Educating Elmore
An immersive microsite for Cartoon Network, raising awareness of its hit TV show,…
We Love Digital
21.10.2014 10:21:00
Happy Meal
Guinness World Records
TMS led the strategy for McDonald’s Happy Meal campaign in union with Guinness…
The Marketing Store
20.10.2014 15:17:40
The Mission
Household objects are brought to life to represent the happiness of a well-connected…
17.10.2014 11:02:47
Haig Club
Our global launch campaign was shot by Guy Ritchie and features brand partner David…
17.10.2014 16:28:12
Department for Transport
Rural Roads
If a driver could see the danger through the bend, they would slow down. Brake before…
17.10.2014 16:03:22
Imperial College SpaceLab
Brand design for Imperial College SpaceLab
Toast created the brand design and materials for Imperial College's SpaceLab conference…
17.10.2014 12:29:11
The Guardian
Guardian US Roadshows
Discover how we engaged the Guardian's US audience with a fully-immersive digital…
Mohawk Ltd
14.10.2014 15:37:29
Campaign for Lumie
Open your eyes to our bold and engaging press and digital campaign for Lumie.
Mohawk Ltd
14.10.2014 15:35:38…
Car Insurance Epic Car Crusher
The car insurance quote crushing company gave people the opportunity to crush a…
Splendid Communications
15.10.2014 09:38:32
Virgin Trains
Arrive Awesome
We needed to get more people travelling by trains - specifically on Virgin Trains.…
06.10.2014 15:21:49
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