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Wesley Barrell, Sofas that won't lose their spring by ADCONNECTION LTD
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M&S, Spring Summer Fashion by RKCR/Y&R
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New Balance, Use your run by BMB
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Macmillan, Blizzard by VCCP Partnership
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Energy Switching , Power to Switch by Kindred
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Brittany Ferries, Curiosity by Bray Leino
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Mondrian London, Dandelyan, Sea Containers & Rumpus Room Identities by Magpie Studio
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YouTube, The Creators by Anomaly
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20 Times Square
The new face of Times Square
This rich and captivating short film for the exciting 20 Times Square retail development…
River Film
20.04.2015 16:50:32
Sterling Bank
Timi Dakolo meets Theo Walcott
Nigerian Musician Timi Dakolo meet Walcott, Arteta and Carzola and they share something…
River Film
20.04.2015 16:14:24
Habitat Voyeur
Iconic British homeware brand Habitat labels interiors obsessed shoppers as voyeurs…
20.04.2015 15:42:47
The Food Sensation
Westfield wanted to promote its food offer, so we created a 'Food Sensation' campaign…
20.04.2015 15:36:26
The AA
Creating a new type of membership.
We created one hero app for the AA, one of the UK's biggest publishers to help them…
Rufus Leonard
20.04.2015 14:54:45
Betway Casino
The casino ad reimagined as a road movie.
19.04.2015 08:49:56
Amazon Instant Video
Launching - and building - a world beating entertainment brand.
19.04.2015 08:45:27
Pol Roger
Hand Crafted
Pol Roger refashions its reputation as a leading craft brand
19.04.2015 08:40:56
The North Face Mountain…
I Train For
For The North Face’s newly-launched Mountain Athletics line, Mekanism created…
17.04.2015 16:09:04
Ben & Jerry's
For Ben & Jerry’s latest ingenious ice cream innovation, the BRRR-ito, Mekanism…
17.04.2015 15:46:01
2015 Upfronts
We helped NBCUniversal find a fresh way to position their unique offering for the…
16.04.2015 22:56:05
Live as You Please in NYC
Live As You Please in NYC focuses on the challenges of finding a place to live in…
Goodby Silverstein & Partners New York
16.04.2015 16:30:52
New York Post
Made You Look
Made You Look celebrates what New Yorkers love about the Post itself: intelligent,…
Goodby Silverstein & Partners New York
16.04.2015 16:30:44
Emily's Oz
Emily’s Oz brings to life The Wizard of Oz according to Emily, a seven-year-old…
Goodby Silverstein & Partners New York
16.04.2015 16:30:33
Wesley Barrell
Sofas that won't lose their spring
Beauty and Craftsmanship Reinvigorated a 120 year old sofa brand with fresh, confident…
15.04.2015 16:37:53
Virgin Atlantic
Let it fly
We created a campaign for international business travelers that is more rallying…
14.04.2015 17:26:58
BBC Radio 1 iPlayer
BBC iPlayer Ad -Tinie Tempah
Tinie Tempah endorses our Charlie Sloth Rap Up show as one of his favourite iPlayer…
Wise Buddah
14.04.2015 17:21:38
BBC Radio 1 iPlayer
Charlie Sloth's Rap Up
BBC Radio 1's first ever iPlayer commission, 'Charlie Sloth's Rap Up. A weekly series,…
Wise Buddah
14.04.2015 17:20:40
helia built the Tumblr hub for #ChooseBeautiful, and a loads of content for the…
Havas helia
14.04.2015 13:28:29
Charlie Wells
Charlie Wells Branding
Creating a contemporary and impactful brand image for Charlie Wells – the first…
14.04.2015 11:58:24
Capital Place
Everything else is just business
This promotional film focusses on Jakarta’s latest business development, Capital…
River Film
13.04.2015 17:05:01
Bell’s Barrel of Laughs
Hero's welcome @RobEdmond @GraylingUK mark the end of the Bell’s Barrel of Laughs…
13.04.2015 10:22:11
Mock Documentaries
Nationwide has sponsored ITV Documentaries in a new 12 month deal. The creative…
Mr President
10.04.2015 15:51:11
National Accident Helpline
White Knights
The ever-popular Underdog and his nemesis make a welcome return, this time the Helpline…
MSQ Partners
10.04.2015 15:22:37
The Connection
The Connection DonateLocate App
The innovative charity App that lets you donate when you see a homeless person,…
10.04.2015 15:17:29
Amazon Fire Phone
360 Degrees
Launching next-generation technology with Amazon’s Fire Phone
09.04.2015 21:31:17
SSE Next Generation
Sir Chris Hoy one of many high profile brand ambassadors talking to talented young…
09.04.2015 16:23:18
'Made by You' Anamorphic Installation
Amplify and artist Damilola's 'Made by You' installation features thousands of Londoners’…
09.04.2015 16:16:23
Piaggio E-Bike
A visual exploration of pure energy, telling the story behind the ultra modern Piaggio…
Bolder Creative
09.04.2015 13:53:17
'Probably the best poster in the world'
We introduced the world’s first ever beer-serving poster, which allowed the public…
09.04.2015 12:24:45
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