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blinkbox Movies
Fresh From Cinema
Our new campaign to establish blinkbox Movies as the place to go for the very latest…
30.10.2014 16:35:41
Get In. Go Far.
By utilising real life apprentices, we dispelled the myth that apprenticeships are…
FCB Inferno
30.10.2014 14:55:12
Get Into Teaching
Your Future.Their Future.
Encourage those with leading degrees to teach by demonstrating the emotionally rewarding…
FCB Inferno
26.09.2014 17:42:04
Lord Almighty
Lord Almighty
How do you create a craft beer that can stand out in an increasingly crowded drinks…
Happy Giraffe
29.10.2014 15:45:38
How do you take a highly technical solution and make it easier to understand?
Happy Giraffe
29.10.2014 15:48:38
Seed Sensations Soft…
Bursting with 9 Seeds and Grains
An ad created to showcase Hovis's delicious new loaf.
28.10.2014 09:07:55
Tesco International…
Free calls to the USA
First ever above the line campaign for Tesco International Calling. Launching with…
Whippet UK Ltd
30.10.2014 09:15:19
Hailo from Home
A multi-faceted campaign using high profile brands to target Londoners with a message…
Mediator Communications Ltd
09.10.2013 14:24:36
Sony Mobile
Sony Xperia™ Z3: Demand Great...
Amplify create global activation toolkit, rallying customers across 30 markets to…
27.10.2014 19:21:55
Nike’s #RiskEverything World Cup Event
We formatted Nike’s biggest live event of the World Cup, creating a bespoke event…
Telegraph Hill Ltd
28.10.2014 17:58:55
E! Channel
Making E! The UK’s Most Social TV Channel
We bring E! to life with 24/7 social media strategy, ultra quick-turn-around content,…
Telegraph Hill Ltd
28.10.2014 17:36:27
Froch vs Groves II: Britain’s Biggest Boxing Match
High end video, key influencer strategy & quick turnaround content meant Betway’s…
Telegraph Hill Ltd
28.10.2014 17:50:31
Hugo Boss
Talk PR devised & managed the signing event to celebrate Gerard Butler becoming…
Talk PR
28.10.2014 16:25:23
The Ultimate England Experience
TMS created Carlsberg's Ultimate England Experience; building the Eternal Optimist…
The Marketing Store
28.10.2014 15:48:30
El Tinieblo Mezcal
Launch Campaign
We are excited to be launching mezcal brand El Tinieblo in the UK, handling the…
Breed & Craft
28.10.2014 14:48:09
Beefeater Grill and…
Family Portraits by Beefeater Grill
Social media campaign for Beefeater Grill's new kids partnership. Family Portraits…
Engage Interactive
28.10.2014 12:14:48
Blossom Hill
The Wonderful World of Blossom
Our all new global brand website for the UK's No.1 wine, designed to bring to life…
24.10.2014 22:16:17
Rubicon Coconut Water
Refreshing London
We launched Rubicon's Coconut Water to the Capital with an ad campaign featuring…
24.10.2014 22:27:25
Bumble Brew
Bumble Brew
Cogent created this beautiful campaign to advertise this pint, made with real honey…
Cogent Elliott
28.10.2014 11:50:18
Chivas Regal
Win the Right Way
In the latest 'Live with Chivalry' instalment, we dare a new generation…
Havas Worldwide London
28.10.2014 11:09:36
Jeyes Fluid
Great British Scrub Up
CogentPR created the 'Great British Scrub Up' for Jeyes Fluid generating…
Cogent Elliott
28.10.2014 10:31:21
Lexus NX Launch with
Amplify launches the 'striking angles' of the iconic new Lexus NX with the equally…
27.10.2014 19:33:07
Amplify tackles inequality in sport as part of Google’s #proudtoplay campaign
27.10.2014 19:04:17
The second spot in our new brand campaign for Argos.
28.10.2014 10:20:10
2013 Castello Campaign
A complementary partnership campaign designed to drive purchase of Castello through…
Mediator Communications Ltd
09.10.2013 14:35:35
VW Commercial
60 Years of the VW Transporter
CogentPR developed a campaign to celebrate 60 years of the VW Transporter in the…
Cogent Elliott
28.10.2014 10:05:28
Bonne Maman
Partnership with Eric Lanlard
Leveraging celebrity baker extraordinaire Eric Lanlard to create mouthwatering consumer…
Bray Leino PR
27.10.2014 19:00:27
Virgin StartUp
A Tasty Event for Virgin Start Up
The UK’s top food start-ups were invited to pitch for the ultimate mentoring package.…
Bray Leino PR
27.10.2014 18:48:34
Tales of the Unconventional presents: A Night of Sensory Cinema
TMS built a multi-sensory cinema experience for 300 competition winners, an activation…
The Marketing Store
27.10.2014 18:36:34
Jack Daniel's
Creating RocknRoll POS
Real venue, real band, real rehearsal. Nothing posed, nothing staged, just images…
Splendid Communications
27.10.2014 17:15:09
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