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Côtes-du-Rhône, Everyday Sophistication by Creature of London
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Perrier, Perrier Pique-Nique by Seen Presents
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Liberty , Liberty Beauty Magazine by Portas
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Ella's Kitchen, Kleine Foodies by iris
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Vue, This Is Not A Cinema by Joint
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MINI, A Room with a View by The Brooklyn Brothers
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Birchbox, A fresh face for the beauty disruptor by Siegel+Gale
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Hacker T Dog, CBBC Experience at Edinburgh Festival by Hopper
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“Creativebrief’s BITE INSPIRE session was a brilliant way to look at some of the key trends that shaped 2016. Also hugely valuable to observe and learn from the behaviour of brands in other markets outside our own. We all left feeling enlightened and inspired to consider how our brands might capitalise in the year ahead”.

Adrian Troy, Marketing Director, AG Barr

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Human Made Stories - Music Of The Mind
Volvo & Sky Atlantic present the true story of the virtuoso that the world never…
Valenstein & Fatt
23.08.2017 13:10:36
The Chase
Martin Freeman returns to promote the most reliable network ever in our latest comical…
Ogilvy UK
23.08.2017 12:56:25
Addressing the Problem
An effective and time efficient way of providing developing nations with an addressing…
Ogilvy UK
23.08.2017 12:56:12
Human Made Stories - Nemo's Garden
Volvo & Sky Atlantic present a story of one man's dream to build a farm at the bottom…
Valenstein & Fatt
23.08.2017 12:18:02
William Hill
This is More
William Hill customers are about to get a whole lot more with this stunning new…
23.08.2017 12:04:26
McDonald's Signature…
Love Affair
Promoting McDonald's high-end burger menu, The Signature Collection, with a tongue…
Leo Burnett
23.08.2017 11:25:21
Introducing DogPay – a chance for owners to roam the shopping aisle with their best…
Ogilvy UK
23.08.2017 11:17:24
Natural Pet Food
On the road with 100% Natural pet food
Developing a unique touring event platform to reach and engage a nation of pet lovers
23.08.2017 10:02:29
Smurfs: The Lost Village
Helping families find the magic - and Smurfs - this summer through augmented reality
22.08.2017 15:32:48
National Trust
National Trust Holiday Cottages website
Re-designed to create a simple and intelligent ecommerce journey that better meets…
22.08.2017 14:51:25
Cadbury Sensations Experience
Bringing the Cadbury Sensations to life with immersive brand experiences at the…
BD Network
22.08.2017 13:19:48
The Art of Cricket
Celebrating the day / night test match with Joe Root
22.08.2017 11:11:17
Passion Distribution
Corporate Identity
To create a new logo for their branded collateral: Marketing docs, MIP stand, website…
21.08.2017 14:38:02
Yogi Tea
A Brand Fit for the Mass Market
Yogi Tea partnered with LPK to release a lineup tailored to mainstream shelves and…
21.08.2017 14:23:34
Gerber Grill Cheese
Gerber Takes to the BBQ
The fondue brand partnered with LPK to debut their line of grill-ready cheese patties.…
21.08.2017 14:23:22
Old Curiosity - Secret…
Secret Garden Gin
Progression concepts of 3 labels for a new range of hand crafted Scottish gins
The Cogworks
21.08.2017 12:29:15
Renault at Goodwood Festival of Speed
Celebrating 40 years of Renault's involvement in Formula One at Goodwood Festival…
17.08.2017 16:32:14
Corona SunSets Festival
Corona SunSets Festival brought to life at Lovebox and Boardmasters
BD Network
17.08.2017 12:44:45
Haven Holidays
Days TV campaign
Four's new Days TV campaign for Haven draws on the demand for shorter, cheaper family…
Four Communications Group
17.08.2017 11:05:21
New Balance Football
Dictate the Play, Devastate the Defence
Integrated campaign to mark the arrival of the new Furon 3.0 football boot.
16.08.2017 19:13:01
Bensons For Beds
Bensons for Beds Uses Innovative Measurement Techniques to Understand Digital’s Impact On In-Store S
Bensons for Beds Uses Innovative Measurement Techniques to Understand Digital’s…
16.08.2017 14:49:04
CBBC & CBeebies Edinburgh Festival
Transporting fans into the world of CBBC. Set design, build and live experience…
16.08.2017 10:15:53
adidas by Stella McCartney
Nature x City VR
Presenting the FW17 collection from a unique perspective
Clubhouse Studios
15.08.2017 17:32:38
Birra Moretti
Moretti Gran Tour 2017
Giving Moretti more meaning by staging a memorable, multi-sensory live experience.
15.08.2017 16:51:59
Pepsi Max
Fan House Powered By Passion
We were out supporting UEFA Champions League supporters in Cardiff for the weekend.
15.08.2017 12:31:54
COTY Professional Beauty Conference
COTY's "Be Brave & Go Beyond" internal sales conference, catwalk and awards for…
George P. Johnson (GPJ)
15.08.2017 11:48:35
Perrier Pique-Nique
A sensory journey into the extraordinary with the Perrier Pique-Nique to launch…
Seen Presents
15.08.2017 10:27:26
New Zealand Jerky
Serious Meat
A Kiwi comedian tries to make a cow laugh.
14.08.2017 20:05:25
New Zealand Jerky
Serious Meat
A Kiwi comedian tries to make a cow laugh.
14.08.2017 20:05:10
New Zealand Jerky
Serious Meat
A Kiwi comedian tries to make a cow laugh.
14.08.2017 20:04:47
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