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Mondrian London, Dandelyan, Sea Containers & Rumpus Room Identities by Magpie Studio
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YouTube, The Creators by Anomaly
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Twinings, Drink It All In by AMV BBDO
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Royal Ascot, Like Nowhere Else by Antidote
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Valspar, Colour Outside the Lines by FCB Inferno
Start searching, Moo For Business by Alpha Century
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BUDWEISER, “Lost Dog” Super Bowl 2015 - #BestBuds by Anomaly
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Swing The Vote
A below the line young engagement campaign increasing 18-24 year old's intention…
03.03.2015 15:07:11
Honey Monster
In the film “Monstercatch”, the tinkle of new Honey Monster Puffs into a bowl…
The Gate London
02.03.2015 09:40:14
You’re the reason
“You’re the reason” is the first advertising campaign for PDSA by The Gate,…
The Gate London
02.03.2015 09:32:27
Festival Place
Lock Your Love
Bringing love to Basingstoke Festival Place for Valentine’s Day through an experiential…
Five by Five
27.02.2015 12:20:46
Dorset Tea
Discover a taste of Dorset
High impact media and blogger relations campaign to highlight the rebrand of Dorset…
Richmond Towers Communications
27.02.2015 11:47:31
Evans Cycles
Kids Bikes
Our competitors' kids bikes can be low quality lead-weights, advertised like toys…
27.02.2015 09:17:00
The Creators
A 'behind closed doors' documentary, exploring how a generation of vloggers have…
26.02.2015 19:13:24
S.Pellegrino Young Chef UK Final
Mark Moriarty - winner of UK final. Judged by Dan Doherty, Atul Kochar, Clare Smyth…
Stir PR
26.02.2015 13:18:11
Google Play
Amplify and Google Play deliver the #PerfectSoundtrack to consumers, both on the…
20.02.2015 17:55:54
Brittany Ferries
New integrated campaign, across TV, digital and press, builds on last year’s successful…
Bray Leino
26.02.2015 10:58:04
glacéau smartwater
EENMAAL solo dining experience
glacéau smartwater partnered with EENMAAL, bringing the world’s first solo dining…
25.02.2015 17:28:07
The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve Global Launch
Amplify develops an engaging two-day press trip to launch The Glenlivet Founder’s…
24.02.2015 16:49:31
Natural History Museum…
This highlights the similarities between defined jobs that keep a city running to…
krow communications
25.02.2015 18:12:44
Andy Murray
The Story of a Champion
The identity we created centres around a hugely significant number for Andy –…
23.02.2015 14:29:25
Drink It All In
The campaign “Drink It All In” dramatises the thought that Twinings tea is a…
25.02.2015 10:54:27
Cannes Lions International…
Cheaper than Severence
Don't replace your under-performing talent, send them to the Cannes Lions International…
McCann London
24.02.2015 10:41:19
Under Armour
To build the brand in the UK & Germany, professional athletes hijack social conversations,…
23.02.2015 09:10:49
King of Casino
Position Leo Vegas as the King of Casino by establishing a character for the brand.…
Now Advertising
24.02.2015 12:02:50
Take a Break
Take a Break January 2014 TV advert
Take a Break’s latest TV campaign shows the range of emotions triggered from the…
22.01.2014 13:57:48
The National Lottery
Our latest project for The National Lottery is designed to celebrate 20 life-changing…
17.11.2014 10:14:33
Carers UK
Rebranding of Carers UK
New brand identity and strategy to reflect the intrinsically supportive relationships…
20.02.2015 17:11:40
Lonely thoughts to shared support
A cancer sufferer talks about the Macmillan online community - a place where people…
The Minimart
10.02.2015 15:03:37
Philips Sonicare
Sonicare Clean Art
Creating buzz on the South Bank with Clean Art installation using Philips Sonicare’s…
19.02.2015 22:00:06
The Mimic Does Co-op
Comedian Terry Mynott channels David Attenborough, Morgan Freeman, Arnold Schwarzenegger…
19.02.2015 21:41:44
Shining a light on the impact of UNHCR in Syria
Communicating the crucial work taking place in Syrian refugee camp Azraq and the…
19.02.2015 20:31:02
Step out with confidence with Philips Lumea
Philips parter with Lucy Choi to launch Lumea Heels, bringing to life the confidence…
19.02.2015 20:20:23
Make Your Face Funny for Money
TMW Unlimited have activated Persil's partnership with Red Nose Day with the creation…
TMW Unlimited
19.02.2015 16:59:21
The Co-operative Bank
Reasons to bank
To showcase the benefits of switching to a Co-operative Bank Current Account in…
19.02.2015 16:14:00
Energy Switching
Power to Switch
The campaign aims to help consumers save money by switching energy suppliers - fully…
19.02.2015 14:25:45
FA Cup
Every Game's An Adventure (Round 5)
The fifth round video for the Every Game's An Adventure campaign for the FA Cup…
19.02.2015 14:05:07
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