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Greed is good. by Landor London
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Christmas is better with Magic and Sparkle by RKCR/Y&R
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Monty's Christmas by adam&eveDDB
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Bag It. Beat It. by Lowe Open
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A Crowdsourced Art Gallery by LikeFriends
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Memorable Guest
Be a memorable guest for the right reason this Christmas and gift a jar of Maille’s…
27.11.2014 13:47:53
Jack Daniel's
Untraditional Traditions
Jack Daniel's new Christmas campaign celebrates "Untraditional Traditions"
UM London
27.11.2014 12:29:26
Southern Comfort
The Comfortable Christmas List
Southern Comfort makes Christmas more comfortable by helping consumers get what…
27.11.2014 09:49:18
Silent Night
Watch as a classic Harley-Davidson motorcycle recreates a classic Christmas song.…
26.11.2014 11:07:44
Marks & Spencer
M&S Christmas
This film has been created as part of the M&S Christmas content series, displaying…
Adjust Your Set
24.11.2014 17:33:44
Foot Locker
Timberland Heavy Duty Style
Development of Helcor Heavy Duty Style retail campaign, communicating product attributes…
Missouri Creative
24.11.2014 10:35:06
Cookaholics campaign introduces YouTube viewers to the Neff Bake It Yourself channel.…
The Bank
26.11.2014 17:10:16
Send a Smile this Christmas
Royal Mail's latest campaign to show off the creative possibilities of customising…
Hugo & Cat
26.11.2014 14:26:47
The Gingerbread Stall
Waitrose launched its ‘Donate Your Voice’ campaign, urging people in the UK…
Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) London
26.11.2014 12:19:49
South West Trains
Christmas Campaign
Christmas campaign which runs across Out of Home, Press and Digital, encouraging…
The Bank
26.11.2014 10:52:21
Season's Tweetings
A live, festive sentiment analysis tool created by Über's team of digital savvy…
25.11.2014 17:32:29
Buckle up: it’s Sky Movies adventure time
Seeing your name in lights is sooo last Christmas. With our highly-personalised,…
25.11.2014 17:01:33
Boots Christmas 2014
Boots Christmas Inspiration Guide curates surprising and unexpected gift ideas framed…
True Story
25.11.2014 16:33:26
Boots Christmas 2014
True Story developed and produced bespoke furniture & merchandising with an elegant…
True Story
25.11.2014 16:15:26
Christmas Is Here
Driving footfall and sales through an integrated advertising & experiential campaign…
25.11.2014 16:29:57
‘Every Little Helps Make Christmas’
Initiative has created content for Tesco to show customers that ‘Every Little…
Initiative UK
24.11.2014 17:08:45
Initiative develops content to get Tesco's huge online range on the radar of consumers…
Initiative UK
24.11.2014 17:24:16
Powering Smiles
This Christmas, we supported Duracell's partnership with Mel C to support Barnardo's…
Hill Knowlton Strategies
25.11.2014 11:14:34
The Perfume Shop Limited
Christmas - 'Jimmy Choo'
Über goes funky, fresh and festive for The Perfume Shop and the glittering high-fashion…
25.11.2014 15:26:47
Foot Locker
New Balance Luxury Leather Collection
Activation campaign to promote New Balance's Luxury Leather Collection in Foot Locker,…
Missouri Creative
24.11.2014 11:03:47
TGI Fridays
TGI Fridays Launch #Togethermas Mistletoe Drones
Half of UK adults have never had a kiss under the mistletoe, so TGI Fridays inspired…
3 Monkeys Communications
25.11.2014 15:11:42
Baylis and Harding
Magical Christmas
Baylis and Harding wanted to celebrate Christmas and showcase their products, so…
25.11.2014 13:17:56
Post Office
Get Christmas All Wrapped Up
The flamboyant "Minister of Christmas" talks about the Post Office’s longer opening…
FCB Inferno
25.11.2014 12:30:59
Mother's heartwarming Christmas spot for Boots celebrates the special people in…
25.11.2014 12:15:49
Nothing Beats a Bike
Regress to your childhood watching Mother's nostalgic Christmas spot for Halfords.…
25.11.2014 12:05:21
Bicester Village
Step into the Story
Showcasing the ‘Step into the Story’ campaign and inviting shoppers to experience…
25.11.2014 11:50:51
Smile, its an Asda christmas
Asda's 2014 christmas campaign, “Smile, it’s an Asda Christmas” launched on…
VCCP Partnership
25.11.2014 11:34:08
Coca-Cola GB
Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour
The iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck makes a return, embarking on a nationwide tour…
24.11.2014 18:32:51
Fiat 500
Fiat 500 2014 Autumn/Winter Collection
Fiat 500's cheeky, playful tone is at it again..Watch heads turn as the dark winter…
krow communications
24.11.2014 17:59:18
Fiat 500
Fiat 500 2014 Autumn/Winter Collection
Fiat 500's cheeky, playful tone is at it again..Watch heads turn as the dark winter…
krow communications
24.11.2014 17:54:09
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