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Tweet : Today about 7 hours ago
RT @clarebtweets: Radio training and sunshine for The Pipe and The Match @OgilvyUK @Radiocentre
Tweet : Today about 7 hours ago
Congrats to our client @Unilever Aline Santos who won the Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Marketing at @WomeninMarketin Awards!
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RT @Radiocentre: Our Head of Creative Development @clarebtweets is sharing the radio love with The Match and The Pipe teams at @ogilvyuk ht
Tweet : Today about 9 hours ago
Bravo Brave 2018: O&M London CSO @hairychesters gives us the low down on @TheMarketingSoc conference:
Tweet : Today about 9 hours ago
Christmas at Ogilvy with @MickMahoney: With the launch of our Christmas ads for @BootsUK & @VodafoneUK we caught up with O&M London CCO to find out how to create that festive feeling
Tweet : Nov 16th 2017 16:35
From building bots to customer experience & the future of AI: we chat to @OgilvyOneUK's @Whatleydude:
Tweet : Nov 16th 2017 14:41
The low down from @TheDrum x Ogilvy breakfast: catch up on chat about bots & creative tech from @joc00mbs @Whatleydude @valleau
Tweet : Nov 16th 2017 10:10
RT @TheDrum: #Botumentary: how media companies are using bots for personalisation
Tweet : Nov 16th 2017 09:58
RT @OgilvyOneUK: Adwatch: Our CEO @joc00mbs tells @Campaignmag why she's on the fence about Marmite's latest ad
Tweet : Nov 16th 2017 09:10
RT @Campaignmag: All the Christmas ads you should watch now to get into the festive spirit
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 16:53
Find out why @OgilvyOneUK CEO @joc00mbs' secret work weapon is her Nokia 6310 in @Campaignmag
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 16:45
RT @LBBOnline: ‘One Bin is Rubbish’ from @OgilvyChange seeks to change behaviours around recycling in homes across London
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 11:22
Have you heard the soundtrack to our @BootsUK Christmas ad? It's currently in the top 5 most Shazamed Christmas ads! via @TheDrum
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 11:17
We made @MetroUK's Top Three Christmas Ads with @BootsUK! #ShowThemYouKnowThem
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 10:10
Build for people first, always. And build things you won't be embarrassed to look back on in 5 years says @valleau #botumentary
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 10:00
"It's complicated" says @Whatleydude when it comes to brand voice on bots. Do you use the same voice as in your ad, for example #botumentary
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 09:53
With bots it will become a lot more about tone of voice rather than visuals says @joc00mbs on bots & brand experience #botumentary
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 09:44
"Bots will only be relevant if consumers want bots & if that's how they want to engage" - @joc00mbs @OgilvyOneUK #botumentary
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 09:42
When thinking about travel, Level Airline's Chris Brown says bots will have a pivotal role in inspiring consumers #botumentary
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 09:30
We should aim for a nutritious bot experience says @facebook's @valleau #botumentary
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 09:28
What's the utility? It's about having a useful bot rather than a bot for the sake of it says @Whatleydude #botumentary
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 09:24
Opportunity with bots is about customer experience: conversations & building trust with people says Chris Brown, Level Airlines #botumentary
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 09:19
Introducing this morning's panel @TheDrum bot launch: @joc00mbs, @valleau, Chris Brown & @Whatleydude #botumentary
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 09:11
RT @StephenLepitak: This morning I’m hosting a panel @Ogilvy London to talk #bots and screen @TheDrum #botumentary which if you’re not comi
Tweet : Nov 15th 2017 09:10
.@TheDrum's @StephenLepitak kicks off panel talking bots here at Ogilvy this morning #botumentary
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 17:11
Christmas at Ogilvy with @MickMahoney: With the launch of our Christmas ads for @BootsUK & @VodafoneUK we caught up with O&M London CCO to find out how to create that festive feeling
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 16:12
RT @ColeyPorterBell: Our CEO @VickyBullen reveals how she'd like to see Cannes Lions reinvented, particularly when it comes to the design c
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 10:11
Our own Gareth Ellis gives us a rundown of what it means to be a modern man following our research with @Philips:
Tweet : Nov 14th 2017 09:14
RT @StephenLepitak: Thanks to @Ogilvy & @Whatleydude for their help in developing @TheDrum’s new Facebook bot which went live today https:/
Tweet : Nov 13th 2017 19:04
RT @hairychesters: Proud to represent @OgilvyUK & our fabulous @TimetoChange client at the 2017 #VMGMindAwards. Good to see the stigma arou

Boots - #ShowThemYouKnowThem
Integrated marketing
A meaningful gift this Christmas can show someone just how much you know them.
Nov 13th 2017 12:23:40
Vodafone - A Christmas Love Story
A Christmas Love Story
Integrated marketing
Celebrating human connections at Christmas time - our good old fashioned love story.
Nov 2nd 2017 11:37:17
VOXI - Endless Connections
Endless Connections
Integrated marketing
VOXI is Vodafone's youth offering - our new brand platform puts youth generated content at the heart
Oct 17th 2017 12:30:22
Kronenbourg - Le Scarecrow Suprême
Le Scarecrow Suprême
Integrated marketing
Le Scarecrow Suprême will stop at nothing to guard the unique Strisslespalt hops that make up 1664.
Oct 17th 2017 12:30:06
Bacardi - No Commission
No Commission
Integrated marketing
A series of global events to celebrate and reignite Bacardi's deep heritage in art and music.
Oct 17th 2017 12:26:16

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