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Tweet : Mar 21st 2018 18:11
Only 1 week to go until we open the doors of Iris London for our annual SXSE event: bringing the best of last week’s SXSW to SE1. Head to our event page to find out more:
Tweet : Mar 21st 2018 14:28
We Are All Equal. A fantastic discussion around gender equality this afternoon at #AWEurope ????????
Tweet : Mar 19th 2018 17:01
“Test counterintuitive things because your competitors won’t” @rorysutherland #AWEurope
Tweet : Mar 19th 2018 16:20
Next up at #AWEUROPE @rorysutherland
Tweet : Mar 16th 2018 17:34
A brilliant read for your Friday night commute. Our very own @davidcaygill reveals to @creativebrief two take outs from SXSW which will improve your ideas.
Tweet : Mar 15th 2018 11:27
As grime music pushes into the mainstream and the number of tie-ups between brands and artists increases, @Campaignmag and our very own @henryscotland explore how can authenticity be preserved.
Tweet : Mar 15th 2018 10:59
RT @Campaignmag: Grime has gone from underground music to the star of marketing campaigns. How can authenticity be preserved?
Tweet : Mar 14th 2018 10:13
Why your side-hustle will make you a better creative: a brilliant response to @Creature_Ben's column against side-hustles from our very own Ross Taylor ????
Tweet : Mar 14th 2018 10:06
RT @Campaignmag: Why your side-hustle will make you a better creative: a retort to @Creature_Ben's column against side-hustles
Tweet : Mar 13th 2018 20:34
RT @jordanharper: “Messaging is the UI of the Internet.” – Alex Chung, Giphy #SXSW #IrisSXSW
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 23:02
“I’d like the first crew that goes to Mars to represent not any one country, but planet Earth” #IrisSXSW @astro_DonThomas #fortheforward
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 22:59
“Determine to go, persist, and don’t procrastinate.” #IrisSXSW @SpaceCampCEO #GenerationMars
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 22:20
“Science fiction is uniquely posed with both the opportunity and responsibility to show the world as an ideal we want to live up to.” @MickeyFisher73 #IrisSXSW #fortheforward
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 19:42
@SadiqKhan calls upon tech sector @sxsw and policy makers to take a proactive, responsible, and inclusive approach to innovation. #IrisSXSW
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 18:16
RT @jordanharper: The HRF panels with @ThorHalvorssen are always one of my highlights of #SXSW – no better way to start a Monday than heari
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 18:11
Open innovation is the path to breakthroughs: 1st) a community forms, 2) new tech becomes available, 3) opportunity presents itself, and 4) somehow, someway, it gets OPEN. #IrisSXSW #NASAxLEGOxTongal
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 16:35
“User data is rife with stories, but we don’t want users terrified their data will be turned into one. Everyone is interested in insights, but there’s a line between cool and creepy.” @slosee @annrubin #IrisSXSW #techcontent
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 16:33
“If you tell the story right, you don’t need to say you’re innovative. Let the story tell its own story. It’s like trust. Much like you earn trust, you prove innovation.” @EvieN on innovation fatigue #IrisSXSW #techcontent
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 04:28
RT @KyleKoniewicz: After 5.5 hours in line, and 5.5 hours in Sweetwater, I conquered #SXSWestworld and found the maze. #IrisSXSW @Westworld
Tweet : Mar 11th 2018 15:33
RT @KyleKoniewicz: Aaand look who came to join us @irisworldwide @WestworldHBO #SundaysAreForWestworld #IrisSXSW
Tweet : Mar 11th 2018 14:20
9:15am, 15th in line, stand-by begins at 1:30. #IrisGoesToWestworld #IrisSXSW
Tweet : Mar 10th 2018 21:01
“If you have a purpose beyond making money, you’ll make more. Brands can change culture through marketing, if it’s inspired by purpose.” @royspence #IrisSXSW #PowerOfPurpose
Tweet : Mar 10th 2018 21:01
“Don’t spend another second trying to be average at what you’re bad at. Spend the rest of your life trying to be great at what you’re good at.” @royspence #IrisSXSW #PowerOfPurpose
Tweet : Mar 10th 2018 20:55
“Symbols have some sort of power. They make a statement. People know what they’re doing. What’s interesting is not whether they understand their choices, because they do, but it’s why they make them.” @TaNehisiCoats #IrisSXSW
Tweet : Mar 10th 2018 16:26
“We don’t have primetime anymore. We have my time. How do we engage consumers in a conversation that disrupts this time in a way that they’ll want to talk to us back?” #IrisSXSW #participationbranding
Tweet : Mar 10th 2018 16:05
We’ve moved from the PC internet to the mobile internet to (soon) the AI-powered screenless internet. From click, to tap, to say. #IrisSXSW #screenlessfuture
Tweet : Mar 10th 2018 15:58
By 2030 30% of web browsing will be done without a screen, and digital voice assistant user growth will continue to outpace smartphones. #IrisSXSW #screenlessfuture
Tweet : Mar 9th 2018 23:57
RT @jordanharper: “Human beings think in stories about other human beings” – it’s not that everyone in govt, media, tech, etc is awful. #SX
Tweet : Mar 9th 2018 23:57
RT @jordanharper: “For you, my love, I will delete my [dating] apps!” The new ritual of commitment. Esther Perel at #SXSW #IrisSXSW https:/
Tweet : Mar 9th 2018 23:46
“Brands can create a story, but the only story that’s true is the one your customer tells from experiencing it, being surrounded by it, and being a part of it.” #IrisSXSW #participationbranding @atiludw

adidas Football - Watch Me Create
adidas Football
Watch Me Create
Digital, Integrated marketing
Putting adidas’ star players in the director’s seat to champion creativity & launch the SS18 range.
Feb 26th 2018 15:29:46
Formula E - Formula E Street Racing - Marrakesh
Formula E
(Formula E)
Formula E Street Racing - Marrakesh
Integrated marketing
An adrenaline charged TVC reflects the electrifying power & energy the race will bring to Marrakesh
Jan 8th 2018 14:01:30
Haven Holidays - A Breath of Fresh Air
Haven Holidays
(Haven Holidays)
A Breath of Fresh Air
Integrated marketing
This light-hearted, humorous 40-sec TV spot follows 2 little girls travelling around a holiday park.
Jan 2nd 2018 15:04:01
adidas Football - Predator Is Back
adidas Football
Predator Is Back
Integrated marketing
Relaunching the world’s most iconic boot, with another football icon – Paul Pogba.
Dec 6th 2017 17:49:20
Solarplicity - Power To The People
Power To The People
Spreading awareness of fuel poverty with a series of social films featuring 'nans'.
Dec 6th 2017 11:12:40

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