Tweet : Oct 19th 2017 22:26
Our brilliant Group Creative Director @gussymack has been busy writing his 3rd kids book - The Elephant in the Room
Tweet : Oct 1st 2017 08:34
RT @davidsheldonhic: Thankyou to @OfffLondon and @pokelondon for being supportive hosts. Amazing event. Incredible titles from @futuredeluxe
Tweet : Sep 29th 2017 11:20
RT @ComputerArts: "For 2 days I was coughing and sneezing blue paint" How @pokelondon created a morphing identity for @OFFFest
Tweet : Sep 29th 2017 11:20
RT @SubstanceGlobal: Great start to the day listening to @pokelondon showcase who they are & their creative process behind the @OfffLondon
Tweet : Sep 29th 2017 11:20
RT @HereEast: Today we’re sharing the story of @OFFFLondon at #HereEast on #Instagram, take a look and follow the weird & wonderful things
Tweet : Sep 29th 2017 11:20
RT @Albina_Cholak: @PokeLondon opened the @OFFFLondon by showcasing physical digital innovation in their projects #OFFFLondon
Tweet : Sep 29th 2017 10:40
RT @HereEast: Today we welcome some of the greatest creative minds from across the globe, @OFFFLondon has opened the doors at #HereEast htt
Tweet : Sep 29th 2017 10:38
RT @HereEast: Our friends @PokeLondon set the tone for @OFFFLondon: “We love tech, but we see it as being in service of people" Malin Hanås
Tweet : Sep 29th 2017 10:22
RT @Design_Week: "We love technology but we see it as being in service of people" Malin Hanås, creative director of @pokelondon at @OFFFest
Tweet : Sep 29th 2017 10:01
RT @Design_Week: We'll be reporting live from @OFFFest in East London today. First on the lineup is @pokelondon #OFFFLondon #OFFFonTour htt
Tweet : Sep 28th 2017 18:05
If you haven't bagged a ticket to @OfffLondon yet here's your last chance! We're on at 10am tomorrow.
Tweet : Sep 26th 2017 13:59
RT @AdobeUK: .@pokelondon, @weareforreal and more creative talent are speaking at #OFFFLondon this weekend. Who are you excited to hear fro
Tweet : Sep 20th 2017 16:51
RT @OfffLondon: "Cooking" something special for our beloved attendees with @pokelondon ???? Make sure you have your #OFFFLondon ticket safe an
Tweet : Sep 15th 2017 09:43
Hope some of you guys came to see us at #smwldn Great talk with @tabithagold Andrea Isoni and Randeep Sidhu
Tweet : Sep 15th 2017 09:40
Great question! On a wide scale you can't :) but we try to always make stuff that people actually need vs stuff that is just cool.
Tweet : Sep 15th 2017 09:39
RT @Bogdana: Already impressed by VP of Your.MD now on stage @ #SMWLDN on @pokelondon panel
Tweet : Sep 15th 2017 09:39
RT @Bogdana: @pokelondon session at #SMWLDN should have kicked off the day. Lots of really good explanations to all things AI
Tweet : Sep 13th 2017 10:21
RT @PublicisWW: Publicis Drugstore and Plexal in new partnership to help startups and corporates collaborate:
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 10:59
Come see us speak at #SMWLDN this Thursday >> >> use ldn1725offi for 25% off passes:
Tweet : Sep 6th 2017 17:28
.@nikroope on - Lego: how can the business ditch the 'complexity' and hit the reset button? via @campaignmag
Tweet : Sep 4th 2017 14:32
RT @Campaignmag: Congratulations to Bogdana Butnar @Bogdana of @pokelondon for being chosen as one of this year's Digital Mavericks https:/
Tweet : Sep 4th 2017 10:58
Congratulations to our inspiring digital strategy brainac @Bogdana named one of @Campaignmag Digital Mavericks 2017
Tweet : Aug 21st 2017 21:44
A lot of interweb love @soonlondon next week - a few tickets left #LovieTalks @lovieawards
Tweet : Aug 21st 2017 12:59
Find out why AI Needs Designing at #SMWLDN w.@nikroope @yourdotmd, and AI Technologies
Tweet : Aug 17th 2017 13:10
‘It gave me a moral, social and political compass for life’: @hostler on the music album he couldn’t live without via @Digiday
Tweet : Aug 17th 2017 10:42
Following a great private view for #TheresAGoodImmigrant @jowallacetweets joins @Sara_Shamsavari for an interview at 1pm on @Monocle24 Radio
Tweet : Aug 15th 2017 16:32
Abbas Zahedi is a multi disciplinary artist. A piece of his work will be on show in our #TheresAGoodImmigrant #art #exhibition soon!
Tweet : Aug 14th 2017 17:29
Global design conference @OFFFest comes to London for the first time next month - top talks to catch: #OfffLondon
Tweet : Aug 14th 2017 17:10
.@alisonjackson, BAFTA and multi award-winning artist is exhibiting a controversial #Trump piece in our #There's a Good Immigrant #art #show
Tweet : Aug 13th 2017 11:45
.@sarapopeartist has created a special piece, exploring communication for our #TheresAGoodImmigrant #exhibition opening soon #art #diversity
News : Apr 7th 2016 by Becky Partridge
Our ECD Nik Roope on why the Lovies remain the most prestigious awards honouring online excellence:
News : Mar 23rd 2016 by Becky Partridge
This month we are proud to unveil an innovative coding tool allowing everyone to light up the iconic Wembley Arch:
News : Feb 16th 2016 by Becky Partridge
"Love Machines" Poke Hack, a 24-hour, all-agency challenge that encourages innovation:

Ted Baker - Mission Impeccable
Ted Baker
(Ted Baker )
Mission Impeccable
Extending Ted's AW16 campaign via innovative digital/social content in collaboration with Google Zoo
May 18th 2017 10:19:09
Ted Baker - Keeping Up With The Bakers
Ted Baker
(Ted Baker)
Keeping Up With The Bakers
A social campaign using Instagram stories to launch a new collection with a 360 fully shoppable ad.
May 15th 2017 17:39:12
Orange - Orange Sponsors You
Orange Sponsors You
Poke turns the spotlight on the fans for EURO 2016 with “Orange Sponsors You”
Jul 27th 2016 17:20:47

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