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Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 17:07
Last week saw the launch of our work with @CloseCircle_, a premium safety and security service. Full brand video coming soon to a feed near you! Meanwhile, here's the trailer...
Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 17:00
“Okay Facebook” - you could be saying that later this year thanks to @facebook’s plans for #Portal - a rival to #GoogleHome and #AmazonEcho.
Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 14:27
Filming with @MercedesTruckUK today! ????
Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 10:00
#IKEA designed a genius #print #ad for pregnant women to pee on. No, seriously. Check out the splash (soz) here:
Tweet : Jan 17th 2018 17:40
Our final film for @MindsForLife shed light on an issue which many of us have faced - #relationships. We love it and we hope you do too.
Tweet : Jan 17th 2018 17:20
Part two of our trio of films was a feature on #depression which showcases a powerful storyline encapsulating how depression can hit us at anytime. Take a look...
Tweet : Jan 17th 2018 17:00
In ten years time, you could well be hopping into an #Uber for the skies. Did you see @BellHelicopter’s #BellAirTaxi at #CES?
Tweet : Jan 17th 2018 17:00
Back in November we kicked off the #launch for counselling #app @MindsForLife. As a part of our journey, we produced three films we're pretty chuffed with. Here's the first on #anxiety
Tweet : Jan 17th 2018 10:00
‘#FakeNews’ was word of the year in 2017, but it’s still relevant as #digital forensic experts are still struggling to control this type of #content
Tweet : Jan 16th 2018 13:08
In a world full of smart sex toys, #VR porn and online dating, the #digisex universe has room for one more - the #sexbot. Explore our new weekly feature - Tech Taboo.
Tweet : Jan 15th 2018 14:58
Brave is the new black - in #marketing anyway. Our MD @paulpingles shares his words of wisdom on being brave with your #product launch, for the @TheMarketingSoc.
Tweet : Jan 15th 2018 11:19
RT @CloseCircle_: Your family are everywhere and so are we. Immediate assistance for anyone at risk, and reassurance for those at home. htt
Tweet : Jan 12th 2018 17:20
RT @TheMarketingSoc: Have you heard? Brave is the black. @paulpingles talks about the brave approach to launching a new product https://t.c
Tweet : Jan 12th 2018 17:19
We've been working with the hilarious @realrossnoble, check out his new website here: Case study coming soon!
Tweet : Jan 11th 2018 12:17
RT @CloseCircle_: An unrivalled travel security service for the modern and mobile family.
Tweet : Jan 11th 2018 12:17
RT @CloseCircle_: In a volatile world, CloseCircle offers a premium #safety and #security service that operates in every corner of the glob
Tweet : Jan 11th 2018 12:10
RT @techradar: What will tomorrow’s children make of robot pets? #AIWeek
Tweet : Jan 11th 2018 12:01
RT @businessinsider: Coca-Cola is making massive changes to Diet Coke
Tweet : Jan 11th 2018 12:00
RT @BIUK: These are three simple tips for improving your health if you work in an office, according to TV doctor @DrChatterjeeUK https://t.
Tweet : Jan 11th 2018 11:57
RT @mashable: This designer used colored glass to convert sunlight into electricity
Tweet : Jan 11th 2018 11:52
RT @MindsForLife: A lifetime of mental wellbeing is priceless.
Tweet : Jan 10th 2018 10:27
Sign up to our exclusive Product Launch Seminar on Thursday 25th January from 4pm, for a tip-top talk on how to execute the perfect #product launch. We'll be joined by @JustEatUK's MD - it's one not to miss! Grab your space: #event
Tweet : Dec 18th 2017 17:03
Continuing our theme of change in 2017 we've decided to mobilise our Xmas lights (apart from the tree obviously) and replace them with drones. From 1st December christmassy flying robots have instilled a Christmas cheer in our team and all of our visitors:
Tweet : Dec 18th 2017 16:43
RT @paulpingles: @TheDrumChief @TheDrum hey guys you doing your xmas agency campaign round up this year? Here is @Yourfavstory effort for
Tweet : Dec 13th 2017 15:05
Before it all went pear-shaped... #YFSXmas2017
Tweet : Dec 8th 2017 12:50
Working hard or hardly working?
Tweet : Dec 6th 2017 09:35
Our mate Max of @lunchluncheon deals with some serious sandwich business in @TimeOutLondon this week ????
Tweet : Nov 28th 2017 17:03
Voice overs this afternoon with comedy genius #MartinTrenaman! Product launching soon...
Tweet : Nov 28th 2017 16:28
RT @MindsForLife: Don’t be so hard on yourself. We all have good days and bad days.
Tweet : Nov 24th 2017 15:42
Video is a huge part of the launch campaign for @mindsforlife. Lots more great film work from this project to come!

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