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RT @ClioAwards: #ClioAwards 2018 Shortlist Winner - @adidas: Create Positivity by @72andSunny ????
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RT @ADCOLOR: #ADCOLORFutures are headed to @72andSunny this morning ?????????????????????????????? #ADCOLOR
Tweet : Sep 18th 2018 01:34
I spy with my little eye... a video you won't want to #skippys. Creepy-cool work for @youtube and @monamuseum!
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"Whatever your ambition, whatever your drive, whatever you are chasing, opportunity is everywhereAll you have to do to find it is get out here."
Tweet : Sep 15th 2018 00:19
RT @wearedavincix: “The goal isn’t to create advertising. It’s to create something that makes people feel something. Our values are bigger
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RT @LBBOnline: .@72andSunny's latest music video for @AXE and Martin Garrix sees a surreal laundromat become the location for one geeky guy
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RT @wearedavincix: “If you’re ever bringing a problem to someone, also bring a solution.” @72andSunny #internships #realworldlearning #soci
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RT @wearedavincix: Major deco-envy while hanging at #72andSunny today for our creative careers boot-camp. #creatives #design #Careeradvice
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We just made a music video for @martingarrix and @Axe. No biggie, it's business as usual! #AXEMusic #BurnOut #freakypants
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The @AdNews Top 30 Emerging Leaders: Director of Strategy, @MollieHill making waves! ????
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@LGUSAMobile is willing to do just about anything to switch up your smartphone having Philadelphia Eagle's @jake_elliott22 kick the shit out of your phone or flexing with #GOT @thorbjornsson aka The Mountain. #WhatsItGonnaTake
Tweet : Sep 12th 2018 17:59
If it's happening in the world, it's happening on @eBay. ?????
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RT @Lindsay_Stein: Another fun one from @72andSunny - "If it's happening in your world, it's happening on @eBay" -
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Make #LAOriginal always and forever. ???? @ClioAwards #ClioAwards #ClioMusic
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@IceColdWan you inspire all of us here at @72andSunny ???? ???? @ADCOLOR
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G????????D G????ES R????UND
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Kick ass. Take names. ???? #interviewready
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RT @LBBOnline: .@SaatchiNewYork's Maddy Kramer and @72andSunny's @esplendidalaura launch Invisible Creatives, the largest database of globa
Tweet : Sep 7th 2018 21:46
RT @LBBOnline: .@72andSunny’s Steph Feeney joins the @ImmortalAwards jury. #ImmortalAwards
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RT @TheSocialNerd: 4 questions to ask yourself... 1) Who am I? 2) How do I feel? 3) What do I need? 4) What do I want? #TheCall https://t
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RT @yesimsarahjones: Hey #LA, come see me & characters from #SellBuyDate today at 5:30pm for FREE live podcast taping of @ManRepeller’s #Th
Tweet : Sep 5th 2018 19:14
Excited to host a live podcast taping featuring @createdbyerica and dynamic performer/writer Sarah Jones. Together they will discuss identity, creativity and social impact as @yesimsarahjones shares excerpts from her unforgettable show "Sell/Buy/Date." ???? @ManRepeller "The Call"
Tweet : Sep 5th 2018 19:04
RT @shotscreative: Invisible Creatives tackles adland's gender disparity with launch of 'largest female creative database in the world': ht
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@LauraColored ???? Thank you so much for your interest and your gif! Such a treat. If you haven't already, please forward your information to
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@notDavid_____ Hi there! Thanks so much for your interest. Unfortunately this is event is closed to the public, but we will be posting the event on our social!
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RT @markjenkins: A year ago this week I came to Amsterdam for 2 days before going back to London. That situation quickly escalated and now
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Getting excited... ???????? #galleryat72
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Happy #nationalbeachday! "Go jump in the ocean. Let it wash away your stress. While your at it, pick up some trash. One less piece of plastic is part of the solution we need to leave it better than you found it," @jimmoriarty , Director of Brand Citizenship. ????????
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RT @MayorsFundLA: Designed by @72andSunny, an award-winning #LAOriginal marketing campaign has placed signage and PSAs across the city, wor
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@JeffersnDarrell That's what it's there for! Steal away @JeffersnDarrell. And if you have any ways to make these ideas even better please email us!

AXE - You're Gold
You're Gold
A series of 15 second spots launch AXE's new Gold Body Spray. (LYNX in the UK).
Jan 10th 2018 16:55:20
Barilla - Masters of Pasta with Roger Federer & Davide Oldani
(Barilla )
Masters of Pasta with Roger Federer & Davide Oldani
Introducing 'Masters of Pasta', 72andSunny's first campaign with the iconic pasta brand, Barilla.
Jan 10th 2018 14:29:56
Google - Introducing Google Home Mini
Introducing Google Home Mini
It's an alarm clock, a remote control, a DJ and a PA in a little thing you control with your voice.
Jan 10th 2018 11:30:27
AXE - is it okay for guys...
is it okay for guys...
We partnered with AXE for its first-ever social mission based on real search data.
Dec 19th 2017 13:43:06
IKEA Place
We partnered with IKEA to launch their AR app and helped them name it 'Place'.
Dec 19th 2017 13:18:53

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