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Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 12:01
The creative team has been researching interactive experiences. Of course only pink books are the ones that matter. #digitalagency
Tweet : Apr 13th 2018 14:55
Can you guess the #movie?
Tweet : Apr 12th 2018 10:36
When briefs are too brief. #AgencyLife
Tweet : Apr 10th 2018 08:45
Happy #NationalSiblingsDay! Consider giving the 'mum and dad love me more than you' jokes a rest for the day and do something nice, like being genuinely kind to each other. For at least an hour!
Tweet : Apr 5th 2018 08:05
Now that Spring has finally sprung, we thought we'd really turn up the heat in the office with a Salsa mixtape! Follow us on Spotify to check it out!
Tweet : Apr 4th 2018 16:34
Henry, one of our designers, has been inspired by The EY Exhibition: Picasso 1932 at the Tate Modern. Meet Crablo!
Tweet : Mar 27th 2018 14:40
Social media kills romance #TheTalkOfTheTown #AgencyLife
Tweet : Mar 27th 2018 11:58
Thank you for featuring our #ThoughtLeadership piece @creativebrief!
Tweet : Mar 23rd 2018 17:20
From stem to stern, we designed an interface that integrates all available services and environmental settings across a yacht, in one app. Read the full case study at #UX #Interface #Design
Tweet : Mar 20th 2018 11:50
Keep your head up to the sky! Today we celebrate #ExtraterrestrialAbductionDay. Our recommendations are Mysterious Skin (film), Xenoholics (comic book), and David Huggins (artist) #Recommendations
Tweet : Mar 14th 2018 10:21
Making ourselves at home in Clerkenwell. Take a peep inside Crab's new studio! #Studio #DigitalAgency #Clerkenwell
Tweet : Mar 12th 2018 12:33
The best way to celebrate Hitchcock is obviously to spend the evening watching his films. Don't expect to be bored by an old movie. He mastered the art of filmmaking in such a way that 60 years later his work is still scary and intriguing #NationalHitchcockDay #Recommendations
Tweet : Mar 11th 2018 19:29
A day to be spent with your family and the ones you love #MothersDay
Tweet : Mar 8th 2018 13:33
Women represent 70% of graphic design students, yet only 11% of creative directors. Where have the rest of the women gone? #IWD2018 #PressforProgress
Tweet : Mar 7th 2018 11:41
Probably. #TheTalkoftheTown #AgencyLife
Tweet : Mar 2nd 2018 14:15
Get away from the city with our mixtape of country songs "Thinking of moving to the countryside as long as they have optical fiber" #Mixtape
Tweet : Mar 1st 2018 11:30
The #GDPR requirements may sound complicated and overwhelming. That's why we simplified them into the GDPR 10 step checklist. Check them out and get ready now
Tweet : Feb 12th 2018 19:28
Fake news, human puppets and soap. Our take on the Unilever story: #fakenews #unilever #socialmedia
Tweet : Feb 2nd 2018 17:26
Hey Clerkenwell, look out for the shining Crab keeping guard of the neighbourhood from our window! #digitalagency #clerkenwell
Tweet : Jan 31st 2018 17:30
Check out our experience in the drinks sector: Over 10 years of thirst quenching digital campaigns. #drinks #digitalagency #beverages
Tweet : Jan 26th 2018 15:15
Another Facebook algorithm update! Here are 5 ways to beat it: #Facebook #Algorithm #DigitalMarketing #FacebookAds #DigitalAgency
Tweet : Jan 25th 2018 16:57
Google is losing its territory to an invading adversary. Marketers, beware of the Hidden Search Giant: #digitalagency #google #amazon
Tweet : Jan 24th 2018 08:20
Our new studio is coming together, our waiting area is now resplendent with our very own Origami Coffee Table, designed and made by @rwarmisham at Made By 68º We also seem to have grown a fondness for neon... Crab Vegas anyone? #furnituredesign
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 16:21
The walls of our new office welcome us every morning with the art of @Eike_Koenig #art #eikekoenig #digitalagency
Tweet : Jan 22nd 2018 11:13
@ian_curran_ Hi Ian, We'd love to! Perhaps we rally some minions this time? Smurfs are so last year!
Tweet : Jan 20th 2018 11:05
We welcome all kinds of visitors to our new office. Even if you feel like you are not from this world, we've got what we need to understand each other. Check out our @NASA Pioneer plaque, the original 2 are currently drifting through outer space. #nasa #ultimatebrand #nasapioneer
Tweet : Jan 19th 2018 14:11
We recently worked with @HotUKDeals on a Black Friday campaign that attracted 4 million users in 4 days! Read about here: #digitalcampaign #blackfridaycampaign #hotukdeals
Tweet : Jan 18th 2018 12:40
We have over 4 years of sweet #digital campaigns. Grab a pack of Haribo and take a look at some of the exciting work that we've done! #digitalagency
Tweet : Jan 16th 2018 12:45
Have a read about our new client @visiidotcom - a very exciting startup company providing Visual Search service! #digital #digitalagency
Tweet : Jan 16th 2018 08:35
Here's the address to our new home!

Caffe Nero - The Cortado Campaign
Caffe Nero
(Caffè Nero Group Ltd)
The Cortado Campaign
Digital, Social
A sleek, bite-size piece of content to launch a new drink to Caffe Nero's customers on social media.
Apr 18th 2018 16:07:23
Grosvenor Casinos - Exciting news!
Grosvenor Casinos
(Rank Group)
Exciting news!
Digital, Integrated marketing, Social
Crab is working with Rank, bringing to life an interactive leisure project.
Apr 17th 2018 09:20:14
The Insurance Emporium - A cushty campaign
The Insurance Emporium
A cushty campaign
CRM/Customer engagement, Digital, Integrated marketing, Social
Digital strategy, game development, sponsorship, blogger outreach and paid media.
Apr 11th 2018 10:50:03
Hot UK Deals - Black Friday
Hot UK Deals
Black Friday
Digital, Integrated marketing, Social
A targeted campaign aimed at increasing traffic and conversion while learning about the user base.
Apr 10th 2018 09:27:34
Kerrymaid - Developed by chefs, for chefs
Developed by chefs, for chefs
Social | Content | Strategy | Development
Dec 22nd 2017 14:43:59

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