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Tweet : Sep 20th 2018 19:35
RT @jamesclralph: Talk about #thoughtleadership, our PM @theresa_may has also been discussing @CIM_Exchange's #exportready
Tweet : Sep 20th 2018 19:35
RT @jamesclralph: Fantastic to see the talented @gem_but share the Export Ready thought leadership study in today’s headline speech of the
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 09:28
So what are the takeaways for modern storytelling? 1??Be channel led 2??Define your audience as cultural networks 3??Give consumers your #brandstory to make it their own. 4??If it stops feeling right, it probably isn’t right. Thanks to our speakers Joel, Tom, and Mat
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 09:23
Tom Barnett from @VICEUK says niche is the new mass, so look at your audience as a cultural network. We often just think about the tip of the cultural iceberg - dig a little deeper! #GRLive
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 09:08
Our creative director Mat introduces the new concept of ‘storygiving’, where brands should put consumers at the heart of their stories, and allow them to get stuck in and make it their own. #GRLive
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 08:55
Joel Midgley from @guardian says we need to adapt to new media for storytelling. Digital editorial pieces and multimedia allow the audience to get fully immersed in the story - storytelling isn’t just linear anymore. #GRLive ????????????
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 08:45
Why should brands care about storytelling? Storytelling has been key to forging relationships since the start of human communities, and sparks positive neurological effects which can lead to brand love ?????????? #GRLive
Tweet : Sep 19th 2018 08:32
Once upon a time, a group of marketers gathered to hear the secrets of the art of storytelling in the modern world... get involved now at #GRLive to follow our live updates with speakers from @VICEUK and @guardian. #pr #marketing #comms
Tweet : Sep 18th 2018 14:18
Very proud to be shortlisted for the @PRCA_Awards today with three nominations for our group @NewsfeedLDN and @goodbroadcast_ #PRCAAwards
Tweet : Sep 18th 2018 13:56
Very proud to be shortlisted for the @PRCA_Awards today. Three nominations for our group #PRCAAwards ????
Tweet : Sep 17th 2018 09:30
Looking to populate culture with contagious stories that will drive exceptional results? Last few remaining spaces available for our breakfast event 19/09 - contact Josie to reserve your place.
Tweet : Sep 13th 2018 16:48
Our latest campaign for TrustFord may well be our strongest yet! Take a look and see how Ford's largest retailer is going from strength to strength. #TrustFordNOW #TrustFordForYou
Tweet : Sep 10th 2018 14:49
On Wednesday 19th Sept we're welcoming The @guardian & @VICEUK to discuss 'The Art of Storytelling'. We'll look at the most captivating ways brands can break, create and tell stories through PR. Reserve your space with Josie #ContagiousCulture #pr
Tweet : Sep 10th 2018 09:43
What do Charles Dickens, rats and Chris Hoy have in common? Have a read of our latest #EmployeeEngagement event with Twitter's EVP @brucedaisley to discover the secrets to #productivity in the #workplace and supercharge your #MondayMorning
Tweet : Sep 9th 2018 18:46
RT @CIM_Exchange: Employees need to understand their role in turning your brand’s aspirations into reality.” Get an agency perspective on i
Tweet : Sep 7th 2018 15:00
Jaguar Land Rover, Caterpillar Inc., Siemens, GE, Fujitsu who’s the biggest manufacturing thought leader of them all? Have a read of The Thought Leadership Project's top five. #effectivethoughtleadership #manufacturing #pr
Tweet : Sep 6th 2018 16:16
It's the drop you've all been waiting for... meet the new #WrapStars on the scene. Great fun working with our client @SubwayUK on this to promote their new Signature Loaded Wraps. Which wrap will you back? @MysDiggi @ItsTrueMendous
Tweet : Sep 6th 2018 09:06
Most important lessons from @brucedaisley on #brandpurpose? 1??Stress kills creativity 2??face to face interactions are the most effective way to ??stress and ?? performance #GRLive
Tweet : Sep 6th 2018 08:52
Speaker @brucedaisley tells us to ignore the assumption that longer working hours = success, and instead focus on making your brand values reflect a smarter, happier way of working ????
Tweet : Sep 6th 2018 08:41
What is #brandpurpose to you? ????it’s not the same as tactical marketing or CSR. ? it should be aspirational, but grounded. Above all, your brand needs to be prepared to live its values #GRLive
Tweet : Sep 6th 2018 08:34
???? it’s time! Use #GRLive for updates from our Brand Purpose event this morning, with @Twitter’s Vice President EMEA @brucedaisley and presenter of @EatSleepWkRpt #brandpurpose #comms #pr #marketing
Tweet : Sep 4th 2018 09:56
RT @prweekuknews: Campaigns for Good Awards 2018 – Winners revealed: @CampaignGoodies
Tweet : Sep 4th 2018 09:54
Huge congratulations to our sister agency @NewsfeedLDN & @goodbroadcast_ for winning a @CampaignGoodies award for their work on 'There But Not There'!
Tweet : Aug 31st 2018 14:07
The top six reasons why your thought leadership fails, from The Thought Leadership Project. #thoughtleadership #thoughtleader #pr #corporatecomms #publicrelations #communications #marketing #b2b
Tweet : Aug 24th 2018 10:42
#MeetTheIGen Tip 5 - Content was key????now context is key. They’re consuming the same things, in different ways; Nike????music festivals and makeup were as popular this year, but where they source content from has changed. Brands must plan the context of content to gain traction.
Tweet : Aug 24th 2018 09:23
It’s Friday. So we floss.???????? #DoTheFloss
Tweet : Aug 23rd 2018 09:26
Thursday mornings done right ? w/ @contagious @VCCP at Greencoat House #insight #research #marketing #communications
Tweet : Aug 22nd 2018 10:39
We've got @Twitter 's Vice President EMEA @brucedaisley and presenter of popular podcast @EatSleepWkRpt coming in on 6th September to share his knowledge around how businesses can create happy working cultures. Spaces limited - contact Safi
Tweet : Aug 22nd 2018 08:48
@SubwayUK presented the final of the @NFLUK #NFLSummerBowl, with Super Bowl champion @mackhollins The sponsorship aims to help kids develop their characters by focusing on the NFL values: respect, integrity, responsibility & resilience. Congrats Chorley Seahawks and @Neiko15 #cl
Tweet : Aug 21st 2018 16:52
#MeetTheIGen Tip 4 - Adapt to their speed of communication???????????they aren't just playing with their phones, they're augmenting their lives, and prefer using visual comms such as Giphy and Insta. The result? The 8 second filter: they'll only give content 8 seconds of time ??

Subway® - #WrapStars
Public relations (PR)
Subway® pits rap artists against each other in (w)rap battle to launch new Wrap product
Sep 17th 2018 12:07:58
Remembered - There But Not There
There But Not There
Public relations (PR)
A nationwide installation to commemorate the end of WWI, raising £1m in 24 hours after launching.
Apr 30th 2018 12:24:18
Royal Albert Hall - Driving ticket sales for the Star Trek in Concert series
Royal Albert Hall
(Royal Albert Hall)
Driving ticket sales for the Star Trek in Concert series
Public relations (PR)
Star Trek fans can score free tickets to concerts by booking tickets in Klingon - tlhIngan Hol!

Apr 3rd 2018 12:55:39

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