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BD Network, December 19th 2017

AAA Measurement - how we do it

An overview of the 3 A's when it comes to measuring Return-on-Investment. The more specific data (particularly sales) we can access the better we can measure using our own tool.
Activation, Amplification and Actual. It's that simple. There is nothing Artificial in our Intelligence.

BD Network, December 18th 2017

BD Guide to Planning for Festivals

Our short guide based on key insights from our extensive knowledge of Festivals, perfect for brand marketeers considering / planning festival activation in 2018

BD Network, September 28th 2017

Recycling Futures

To honour of Recycling Week 2017, we’ve undertaken an exploration into the subject of recycling, and why it’s crucial to our planet.

Our objective is to spread awareness around what activity can be done to promote recycling by brands and consumers.

BD Insights Team, July 24th 2017

Bites & Digest from BD: White Noise

Generational insights as easy as X, Y, Z. Part of a series of consumer insight work from BD Network. Going beyond the 'M' Word

BD Network & Gay Star News, April 25th 2017

Beyond Diversity: LGBT in the UK and Sports Marketing

An overview of the LGBT Audience in the UK and their value, particularly to brands interested in sport sponsorship and/ or sports marketing. This is the first of a series of 'Beyond Diversity' from BD Network where we'll share facts, figures and opinion

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