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Michaela MacIntyre, Business Dircetor, August 1st 2017

Influencer Marketing Insights from VidCon 2017

Whilst most agencies went to Cannes to celebrate work gone by, we were at VidCon - the world's largest convention attracting the biggest YouTubers, Instagrammers & more. We share some actionable insights that brands can use when working with influencers.

Stephen Firth, Managing Partner, May 26th 2017

Can FMCG Brands Take The Power Back From TEGs?

How can FMCG brands move with the ever evolving shopper landscape and complement their retailer relationships?

Andrew Roberts, Managing Partner, April 24th 2017

Can Social Media Save Finance & Utilities?

What are the top FS & utility brands doing in social to keep and grow their customer base? Andrew looks at 3 ways brands in these categories can leverage social as a comms channel effectively.

Martyn Gooding, Creative Director, April 10th 2017

The Emotional Connection Opportunity for Finance Brands

The world of FinTech is moving at pace, but have finance brands spent enough time thinking about how the same tech could be used to disrupt their advertising and marketing? Moreover, is it morally right to? Martyn investigates.

Stephen Firth, April 6th 2017

5 Tips For High Impact for Low Interest Brands

Very few people love their bank, insurer or service provider.... But that doesn't mean these brands can't garner attention, drive engagement or build their brand health through social media. Stephen Firth of award-winning creative agency, Gravity Thinking, shares 5 top tips for brands in these categories.
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