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Michaela MacIntyre, Business Director, January 15th 2018

How can booze & FMCG brands win in January?

January is the month to cut back on everything indulgent and treating yourself becomes the work of the devil. So how can indulgent brands stay relevant in January?

Lauren Saker, Junior Community Manager, January 11th 2018

The Digital Digest #11

Everything you need to know about the latest developments int he world of social media including Facebook's new focus on local events, branded content posts from influencers outperforming any other content when it comes to engagement, the worry with Snapchat's discovery section & more.

Michaela MacIntyre, Business Director, January 9th 2018

Influencer Marketing & Risk Mitigation for Brands

What happens when an influencer you are working with (or were planning to work with) makes a mistake that turns into a global PR fiasco? How can brands protect themselves and plan for any eventuality? 4 top tips for making influencer work safer for brands follow.

Lauren Saker, Junior Community Manager, January 5th 2018

The Digital Digest #10

Find out why cross-posting from Instagram stories to WhatsApp updates is going to be a game-changer in this round-up of all the latest social news.

Lauren Saker, Junior Community Manager, November 3rd 2017

The Digital Digest #03

Read on for this week's essential social media news, including the amazing Snap Pixel which will help marketers track and measure their activity.
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