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LPK, April 12th 2017

Primed & Ready: Extend Your Brand, Claim New Spaces

To win in today’s ever-changing landscape, businesses need to reach beyond their comfort zones. Once brands discover where else they can play—be it a new category or channel—they’ll find themselves headed for greener pastures and new growth.

LPK, March 1st 2017

Unpacking What People (Really) Want

Consumers are trying to tell brands something. But are they listening? Chief Creative Officer Nathan Hendricks uses the Nest thermostat to explain why consumers’ desires and fears can—and should—influence meaningful brand design.

LPK, January 17th 2017

Future Perfect

What’s Landscape Scenario Planning, exactly? Consider it a pair of binoculars for your brand. Using a fast and focused merging of strategy, insights, innovation and business planning, we help you consider multiple versions of tomorrow, then create accordingly.

LPK, November 29th 2016

Don’t Tell Gen Y How to Parent; Just Brand Accordingly

Look across baby care, and you’ll quickly discern that a lot’s changed—a category makeover driven by innovation, and the consumers who demand it. They’re the Millennials who are now parents in their own right, seeking unique brands that bring deeper meaning and greater ease to that lifelong endeavour we call parenting.

LPK, August 1st 2016

Four Essentials of Successful Brands with Staying Power

As brands are challenged to remain relevant in increasingly competitive environments, a handful of common factors tend to predict success and staying power. Learn more on building a brand for the new millennium. 

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