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Jones Knowles Ritchie, March 21st 2017

Putting charisma on the menu

Successful brands are charismatic brands. This simple insight is one which has the potential to transform the casual dining sector – a sector that has underperformed for years, historically relying on location, price and dwindling customer loyalty.

Jones Knowles Ritchie, March 21st 2017

Designing for success – how today’s emerging brands achieve scale

How do challenger brands achieve scale and success without the support of traditional advertising channels? Their success relies on one fundamental shared strength: design.

Jones Knowles Ritchie, March 21st 2017

Stand out on the doorstep, not on the shelf

We are living through a revolution in the way consumers experience brands. As online shopping reaches record numbers, more and more purchases will arrive on the doorstep than be selected off the shelf. This has significant implications for brand design that no brand team can ignore.

Jones Knowles Ritchie, March 21st 2017

Designing food 2.0

We are at a tipping point in the big food and drink sector. From manufactured mainstream to natural challengers, its time for brands to be true to themselves and claim their rightful place as the definitive article.

Jones Knowles Ritchie, March 21st 2017

Ultra-premium spirits

The spirits world has long known that there is opportunity in
super-premium. It's time for a new generation of brands to embrace this sector, telling their stories in exceptional ways to create allure that drives intrigue and delivers buyers.

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