Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Branding / design, Integrated marketing

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Key people

Richard Benjamin
Richard Benjamin LinkedIn
Joint Managing Director

Richard has over 24 years advertising and marketing industry experience, specifically in production and client servicing. He has managed projects including Tomb Raider, Sony PlayStation, Aliens, Lord of the Rings and Batman and lead accounts as diverse as BAFTA, Casio,, Canon, Netto, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Sega and Sony.

Greg Clark
Greg Clark LinkedIn
Joint Managing Director

Greg has over 28 years of award-winning advertising experience in a creative capacity and has had the pleasure of creatively leading accounts such as Shell, Asda, Sony, ITV Digital, Best Western, CSL, GO Outdoors, tombola, Bosch, Moda in Pelle, DFS, Casio, Harveys Furniture, 3 Mobile, Motorola and Iceland.

Pamela-Jayne Broadberry
Pamela-Jayne Broadberry LinkedIn
Company Director

Pamela has more than 30 years business finance experience with the majority of this time being within the advertising industry. She served as Finance Director at leading agency The Source until starting Uber in 2003 as Finance and Company Director.

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