Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Branding / design

Key people

Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson LinkedIn
Creative Director

Andrew has owned and built a

successful business over the last 20

years through consultancy and now

holds a smaller number of retained roles,

advising CEOs and MDs of key clients

on key business areas. He has also

helped mentor and structure a number

of business start-ups and helped build

an MVP for new technology that will

revolutionise the online greetings market.

Gary James
Gary James LinkedIn
New Business Development

With over ten years consultancy exposure,

Gary has diverse experiences

across tech, creative design, marketing,

digital & information technology. He is

very competent in the various aspects

of SEM and web development and has

experience across Java, HTML and

CSS. He is an ambitious, innovative and

entrepreneurial individual working on a

range of conceptual web products and


Vanessa  Stewart
Vanessa Stewart LinkedIn
Marketing Executive

With over four years working within the

creative sector Vanessa has a broad

range of management and marketing

skills. She successfully coordinates

jobs within the studio and acts as

a liaison between project manager

and client. She has a strong ability to

make decisions in a deadline driven

environment & facilitate studio

operations and meetings. 

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