Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy, Branding / design, Digital

Key people

Chris  Knights
Chris Knights
Chief Projects Officer

Chris is a founding member of Oulala Games Ltd, sits on the board of Silicon Valletta and co-founded of an online hotel booking engine in 2003.  Early in his career, Chris worked for Accenture delivering large IT projects for fortune 500 companies. Chris has worked for Accenture (Sydney), DERA (UK), Telstra (Melbourne), Westpac (Sydney), MLC (Sydney) and Philips Research (UK).

Chris holds a bachelor degree with honours in Engineering from Bournemouth University, UK.

Peter Grech
Peter Grech LinkedIn
CEO & Founder

Brand strategist, mentor, CEO and founder of BRND WGN, Peter-Jan has been supporting brand owners and business leaders across challenging junctions since founding the agency in 2006. Prior to that, 
Pete has held roles within The Malta Independent, 
JP Advertising as well as Marsovin Group where he was Head of Marketing.

Peter is a challenge junkie at a corporate, charity and endurance sports level, ideally merging the three in one, whenever possible.

Philip Sultana
Philip Sultana LinkedIn
Creative Director

Philip is a multi-disciplinary Head of Creative at BRND WGN. He has experience working on numerous projects ranging from packaging, branding, illustration work and 3D artworks to direction for TV commercials. Philip recently rebranded and designed La Valette’s new wine label, which was featured on the ‘Graphic Designed Served’ gallery by Behance. In 2016 Philip rebranded GVZH, a leading Maltese law firm, and directed TV commercials for Malta’s top brands, including Cisk and GO. His personal illustration on a Star Wars inspired series received international recognition on several industry-leading blogs.

Martin  Dimbleby
Martin Dimbleby LinkedIn
Head of Business Development

Martin has over 15 years of experience managing projects and teams. Before joining the company in 2009 he worked for 8 years at Executive Services Ltd as a graphic designer. He possesses a rare combination of a creative yet smart approach to marketing. Now our Head of Business Development, he manages all of BRND WGN’s high profile brands as well as the account managers and media executives team.

Charlotte  Seymour
Charlotte Seymour LinkedIn
Insight and Strategy Director

Charlotte has been BRND WGN’s Strategy Director for 2 years. She previously led the Research & Strategy department at Uniform (UK), where she developed research papers and worked for clients such as Amtico, Unilever and Liverpool Football Club.  

She holds an MA in Global Communications Management, with a specialisation in Destination-branding. 

Raissa Bonello
Raissa Bonello LinkedIn
Client Account Manager

With four years of handling both local and global clients under her belt, Raissa is a marketing specialist having majored in it whilst studying for a honors degree in Communications from the University of Malta. Having worked at another agency before BRND WGN, no account is too big for this super executive who is famed for her creativity and boundless energy. 

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