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Over the course of our long-standing relationship with Peugeot, Citroën, and now DS, we have tackled most of the issues facing major car manufacturers:

  • The digitization and increased sophistication of the prospect journey
  • Finding new audiences for new and exotic car launches
  • Driving re-purchase from cash strapped current owners
  • Protecting valuable aftersales revenues from straying owners

The solutions to these issues lie in crafted prospect and customer journeys incorporating communications to drive both short-term purchase and long-term emotional loyalty. As a result we have improved CRM ROI every single year since 2004 so that it has almost doubled in our tenure, whilst CRM investment has reduced in real terms.

Three examples of recent work that demonstrate how we have done this:


DS e-magazine

Avant-garde elegance and CRM rarely fall into the same sentence – but it was imperative that our customers felt the same way about the DS and its accessories as they would about hand-designed furniture or bespoke apparel. We used technology to bring the world of luxury design truly to life through a fully interactive online style magazine. Our readers could step into the DS’s world, absorb content, shop at their leisure and soak up the brand's sophistication.


Launch the Limited Edition GTi

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of 205 GTi, Peugeot produced a beefed-up 208 GTi Anniversary Limited Edition and a nostalgic high budget ‘boys own’ TV ad. Our audience is now in their ‘responsible years’ but we wanted to remind them that revving up a GTi can inject adrenalin into even the most mundane days. We created a personalised Graphic Novel to show how we could make them feel more alive on any old trip. A push to a TUMBLR site dialled up the excitement and nostalgia – starting many a GTi conversation and making a test-drive irresistible.


Just Add Fuel 

Just Add Fuel is a really smart insurance finance package that enables young people buy their first car. However, this is an audience all brands are after as they have decent level of disposable income and an unhealthy appetite for social media. We created quirky content that was fast and funny to run on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to get millenials to re-appraise the brand. And to really land our messages we made two films: male and a female versions to capture their imagination.


DS e-magazine from Stack agency on Vimeo.
Peugeot Just Add Fuel - Instagram from Stack agency on Vimeo.
Peugeot Just Add Fuel - Interview from Stack agency on Vimeo.
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