Core disciplines: Experiential marketing, Shopper Marketing



With the ever-changing shopper landscape, Heineken had to ensure to stay one step ahead. We were tasked with redeveloping and redesigning the brand's entire B2B website that was compatible with their target audience of retailers.

With a fresh look and direction, we transformed Star Retailer into a fully responsive hub with a whole new identity, offering retailers simple but essential shopper insights and support when they need it most.



Through our extensive research with Heineken, we created a go-to-hub that helped to solve the most common problems for retailers in simple terms. This included in-store advice, merchandising ideas, the latest shopper insights and needs, and additional support for independent and convenience retailers.

With a fresh look and direction, we took Star Retailer and transformed it into a fully CMS responsive website with a new, friendly face. A personable tone of voice and bold visual identity made boring stats stand out and translated industry jargon into layman’s terms, helping to grow advocacy for the brand and keep Heineken ahead of its competitors.

Heineken Star Retailer Website from Haygarth on Vimeo.


•  113% increase in new website traffic since campaign launch

•  35% increase in daily sessions compared to month before launch

•  220% increase in Organic search results for Star Retailer 

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