Rufus Leonard

Core disciplines: Branding / design, Digital, Integrated marketing

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Aggreko, the global energy solutions supplier, encountered increasing challenges from competition, particularly within the rental sector where many less established companies with a strong digital presence were encroaching on Aggreko’s historically strong position within the market.



To meet this challenge Aggreko needed to optimise their digital capabilities to improve customer experience and engagement. As part of this digital transformation programme, Rufus Leonard designed and built a website on the Sitecore Experience Platform. The website was created to deliver new capabilities for dealing with customers through dynamic personalisation and marketing automation based on behavioural, sector, and geographical segmentation.

Following a comprehensive research project conducted to define Aggreko’s future global content strategy, Rufus Leonard also developed and delivered a new tone of voice and look and feel for the site in keeping with its new brand purpose and values.

The new site improves user journeys by making information easier to find, along with a more contemporary VI that differentiates Aggreko from its competitors. It forms the heart of a wider programme by Aggreko to deliver a new customer-centric experience, with the platform being a major first stepping stone in understanding users and their needs better than ever before.

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