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Following Lloyds Bank's split with TSB, we were tasked to rebrand the bank with an aim to build trust back into their customers. The desire for Lloyds was to come across as a proper bank with a real heritage. The challenges we faced were time and scale. They needed an entire refresh of their VI, including a new logo, a new typeface and clarity on colours, as well as new literature in every branch and the design and manufacture of credit and debit cards. 


Our first port of call was to carry out research into Lloyds customers and find out their current perceptions of the brand and how, or if, they had been affected by the split. Our research found that customers had lost their trust in the bank and Lloyds needed to act quickly to reinstate this. We began redesigning the identity of the bank making it modern and forward facing whilst still keeping its heritage. We started by designing the new logo and typeface first and then adapted this across the entire bank fascias and in-store literature.

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