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With new market entrants such as Curzon and Electric, and on demand services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, the ODEON proposition was being increasingly challenged. ODEON needed a new way to differntiate itself from its competitors in the leisure and entertainment market by finding a new way to offer a unique exerience.


ODEON asked us to help them in the difficult competitive environment by imagining a new cinema experience that would revive customers interest in the brand and result in acquisition, repeat visits and an increase in Value Per Visit.

We started by auditing the customer experience and proposing changes to the customer journey; changes in visual identity, in cinema retail experience and implementing the use of digital capabilities to attract and engage customers. We took the existing ODEON brand and revived it, adding more colours into its colour palette to create depth, created a digital-first typeface and adapted the signature ‘O’ to act as a portal to transport imaginations. We crafted the new pre-showreel which plays before each film and used motion graphics to really build momentum behind the idea of switching your phones and minds off and becoming fully immersed in the cinema experience. The film includes sensory qualities, such as your seats shuddering with the increase in volume from the film and blasts of air firing towards you as an image looks as though its going to jump out of the screen and into the audience, all to add to the effect of the magic of cinema.


"Thanks all for yet more awesomeness from Rufus"

Patrick Steele, Loyalty and Membership Manager


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