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Online film; Becoming Beckham

Becoming Beckham case study film

Online film; Essentials for Everyone


Using content to entertain consumers and sell a collection



H&M and David Beckham have a fashion partnership, creating a collection of clothes for young males. The collection is updated every season, but the advertising had fallen into the stereotypes of the category. Despite starring a global superstar, the advertising was failing to capture the imaginations of their global male audience. We needed to show an unexpected side of David that would make our global audience sit up and take notice, whilst showcasing the new Modern Essentials collection for Autumn/Winter ’15 and Spring/Summer ‘16.

The Modern Essentials is a collection that David would wear in his day-to-day life. So showing our audience that this collection was perfect for everyday life was key to success of the collection for H&M.



For Autumn/Winter ’15, instead of creating a typical fashion campaign, we created content that we knew our audience would want to watch, going against the norms of fashion advertising. We created a short ‘mocumentary’ featuring David Beckham and US comedian Kevin Hart, showing Kevin’s attempt to ‘become Beckham for an upcoming audition in the Beckham biopic – mimicking his every move, and effortlessly cool, everyday style. The seven-minute film was supported by shorter form trailers online and on TV, as well as an outdoor and print campaign heroing the collection.

Following on from this, for Spring/Summer ’16 we created a film and outdoor campaign that showed that the Modern Essentials collection could look great on anyone and everyone.



  • 20m online views.
  • More than 75% of viewers watched the entire seven minutes.
  • Kevin Hart and David Beckham trended on the day of launch.
  • The collaboration was talked about in over 50 countries worldwide.
  • Most viewed H&M campaign in 2015.
  • Most shared H&M campaign of all time.
  • The Modern Essentials collection sold out in 24 hours after launch online.
  • Sold out in stores within a week of launch.


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