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A sponsorship and activation platform to move Bupa from illness to wellness.

Bupa had sponsored the Great Run Series for 26 years, but decided that they wanted a change.  They challenged us to find an alternative platform for them to sponsor, but we challenged them to look at their entire business in a different light, to move away from a business focused on illness to one that celebrated wellness.  “Feel Great Britain” was born, and became a rallying cry for the whole Bupa business, giving the brand permission to appear at a range of events around the country, from the Westminster 5K to the Electric Run, from comedy events to food markets.

Did it work?

Bupa’s brand value was at an all-time low at the time of us proposing the change. Since then, a host of events have taken place across the country, and brand perception and affinity metrics have improved radically, as Bupa is seen as a warm, positive, and generous brand once again.


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