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Core disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Brand strategy


Jobmedic an online healthcare and nursing recruitment platform, wanted to become the leading medical recruitment site for nursing workforce.


Although the platform has the widest selection of NHS and private roles, the brand had little traction with the nurse community. As such our first task was to raise the awareness of the site and then encourage the click through and ultimately sign ups.

Nurses come from different backgrounds, ethnicities and educations, so we needed to find a human insight that is true to them all. Which is that nurses are mostly altruistic people, who are motivated by a desire to help people, but at the same time don’t feel they get the reward or recognition they deserve. As a result, they rarely took the time to apply the same level of care to their career as their patients due to their giving natures.



So could rightfully take a role of championing and celebrating nurses by recognising how selflessly brilliant they are and unlock the behaviour change to allow nurses to become more selfish when it comes to their careers.

We’ve encouraged nurses to ‘do one thing’ for themselves by sharing beautifully authentic nurse stories on social channels. We made this more tangible by directing users to #happylast microsite where they could upload their stories of helping someone and win a much needed thank you of flowers, chocolates or spa brake for two. These brand affinities driving communications were supported by content across a combination display, programmatics, paid and native social media, to direct people to and nudged them to upload their CV’s on the site.



Just after 2 months of campaign going live the campaign had over 40K in click through, the CV registration has doubled and by encouraging nurses to ‘do one thing’ for themselves, we were able to take huge strides at positioning’s as a lead job site for nursing community. 

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