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First Fatherhood Moments

Authenticity was key to these moments, and essential for Dove Men+Care, so we decided that instead of trying to recreate them, we’d compile the whole film using existing footage from YouTube.

Each dad was approached and gave us permission to share their story, providing us with real, unscripted glimpses into how much real men care from the very first moment.

By sharing these moments, our Dads had shown just how much they cared, and by sharing them in turn, we were able to celebrate their enthusiasm, compassion and above all, their strength.

So then what? Well, naturally we got people to share their own.

The film ended by calling on people to celebrate #RealStrength by sharing their own ‘first fatherhood moments’ along with tips, advice and words of encouragement to this next crop of first time dads.

And in a campaign that was built around momentous firsts, we were able to celebrate another historic first – the first Dove Men+Care same-sex couple. This not only increased the campaign’s reach, but also highlighted the sort of forward-thinking expected from Dove.

The idea of what it means to be a man might be evolving, but one thing will always remain constant – real strength means caring from the very first moment.

Thanks Dad!


  • 17m: Campaign film views on YouTube

  • 1.5bn: Media impressions created by the film

  • 6: Number of markets the film launched in (yet it achieved global success)


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